Ticks are slow and lumbering when they move. They are very small. One could fit on the nose of Abe Lincoln, on a penny that is. In spite of their size, they wait patiently to locate their prey. They can sense our presence, being able to detect trace amounts of carbon dioxide that is left by us, humans, and warm-blooded animals.

Ticks know their paths well and can wait and wait and wait. Their only purpose in life is to propagate and to pass on diseases from one host to another. We hear the most about deer ticks and dog ticks. Both can pass on Lyme disease, a serious concern!

The good news is that it can take ticks a few hours before they even begin their blood meal. It takes that long to embed their mouthpiece into your skin. So, if you find a tick on your child and it’s flat, that’s good! Grab those tweezers and get it out of there!

You should still get it properly identified and watch for any symptoms. Chances are good that it didn’t begin to eat yet. When ticks eat (and eat and eat), they become engorged and can resemble a small grape. This can be a good five times more than their original size and volume!

Mixed in with all the blood meal ticks draw are toxins.

It’s best not to touch or squeeze this pest and always go for the head of the tick with tweezers.

When we consider deer ticks, also called black-legged, the female is quite larger than the male. When she eats, she becomes so engorged with the blood meal, her size, and color changes. She is unrecognizable from before she started.

The dog tick is also called wood tick, and the female is only slightly larger than the male. This tick can carry numerous diseases and are dangerous for humans too. This tick has a shorter mouthpiece than the deer tick. Both types have a detail on their bodies, called a shield. It’s a circular dark spot just above the mouth. This doesn’t change in size as they eat. The body swells up just above this shield as they consume our blood.

Remember to protect yourself with a repellent containing at least 20% DEET for exposed skin. Continue protecting yourself by treating anything being worn, carried, sat on, or slept in with permethrin. This remains effective after several washings too. Once you’re home, untreated items could bring along ticks as hitchhikers to feast on you later. If you think you have ticks in your home or business calling a professional exterminator is wise. Hi-tech Pest Control Services can help!

Due to the threat of diseases such as Lyme disease and other tick fevers, it is imperative that you call a professional pest control exterminator to eliminate the ticks. Call Hi-Tech Pest Control today to get rid of your tick problem, or request a free inspection. Additionally, if you suspect that a pet has been infected by a tick, be sure to visit your local veterinarian and have your animal tested.

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