Experienced Bed Bug and Pest Control Exterminator Serving Michigan Communities. Let’s get rid of the bed bugs in your home! The most crucial step you can take is to hire a professional pest control exterminator who specializes in the identification and removal of bedbugs. Hi-Tech Pest Control has been Southeastern Michigan’s leader residential and commercial bed bug removal since 1986, successfully eradicating pests tens of thousands of homes using a combination of experience, knowledge, and the latest and greatest in bed bug extermination technology and approaches. We serve Michigan communities including: Oakland County MI, Troy MI, Bloomfield Hills MI, Birmingham MI, Auburn Hills MI, West Bloomfield MI, Royal Oak MI, Southfield MI, Saint Clair Shoes MI, Plymouth MI, Livonia MI, Wayne MI, Dearborn Heights


It is no surprise that Bed Bug populations are again on the rise when the covid pandemic confined us to our homes.The availability of humans to feed on has created heavier infestations in our homes, although there are no real threats of Bed Bugs carrying diseases and viruses it is believed that the heavier populations makes it easier for humans to transport Bed Bugs from one location to another. All major cities should be on the lookout for Bed Bugs being brought into places of business. Groceries stores, Clinics, salons, barber shops should be practicing good sanitation to protect themselves and patrons from picking up these insects from their location and taking them home.


Bed Bug bites are very easy to identify, they are usually round and twice the size of a pencil eraser and approximately 3 in the same area. Their bites are very disturbing and are very itchy for 3 to 4 days or longer. Sometimes they will create a large red area and resemble a rash that are sometimes mis-diagnosed by Doctors and Dermatologists, they should be identified easily, reactions to poison oak is sometimes mistaken for Bed Bug bites and is probably the only reaction that will resemble Bed Bug bites. Spiders, Mosquito, and other insects do not bite us multiple times. Exposed skin, heat in the upper body, and carbon dioxide are what they are attracted to. ambulatory people and others who spend hours in Beds or on couches will produce larger populations.


Removing Bed Bugs from the home or business is a job for professionals and takes years of training in problem solving and there will be no substitute for experience in dealing with this disturbing insect. HI-TECH PEST CONTROL has the problem solving skills needed to solve this impossible tasks and have the history to prove it. Keeping the population down by cleaning clothes, and bed clothes is extremely important in controlling Bed Bugs, but complete and immediate eradication is far more important than you as a casual customer trying to control them in your home, why waste time and money and let them destroy your home. Call HI-TECH PEST CONTROL today and live pest free tomorrow!


Adult Bed Bugs are very easy to identify, the nymphs and eggs are almost impossible to see with the naked eye. The Bed Bug nymphs are beige in color and on certain surfaces they are invisible, they blend in easily in bed clothes, walls, and on furniture. If you are suspicious and think you see one find a magnifying glass and you will the tiny legs on the young bed bug and he is already feeding on humans. The eggs are pure white and can be mistaken for a tiny piece of cotton or lint about the size of a pencil lead and again when magnified you will see the tiny brown head.


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