Bed Bugs are the most resourceful hitchhikers in the world. That means no one is safe. Good sanitation has nothing to do with prevention. From 5 Star Resorts to Public Transportation Bed Bugs are found wherever you find humans.



  • Look for Bed Bug signs regularly
  • Eliminate excessive clutter to make them easier to find
  • Search all used furniture before bringing them into your home or business
  • Wash and Dry all infested Bed linens, curtains, and stuffed animals at the highest temperatures allowed.   



  • Examine Hotel Rooms for signs like stains, dead insects. Check Mattress ropes and seams, check behind headboards.
  • Check baseboards, loose wallpaper and all other furniture
  • Store luggage on counter tops and bathrooms.
  • Check luggage before packing. Do not place luggage on or near Beds or Couches when you return home 

Top 4 Michigan Cities with the highest Bed Bug Populations are Flint, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing,