Unlike mosquitoes, bees aren’t attracted to the human smell. Bloomfield Hills Bees are attracted to their surrounding colors and smells. They are pretty simple insects, and in my opinion, unlike mosquitoes, they have a purpose. They are insect pollinators. Typically that’s what they float around trying to do, only to find out they made a wrong turn aiming for the rosebush and ended up on top of our soda can. We start to fling food and wave our arms around which they are either scared or pissed off and they react. And essentially they get a bad reputation for being an insect that’s just driven by his sense of smell and poor eyesight.

What Attracts Bloomfield Hills Bees?

Bees seek out pollinating flowers. They are attracted to the fragrance of flowers. So if you smell like one, some hairy, big-eyed insect may end up trying to suck up some of your nectar. Although bees are drawn to smells rather than to colors, if you wear other colors or prints, they can often confuse you for a flower. Bees and wasps are not necessarily attracted to colors that resemble flowers as much as they are aggressive towards colors and textures that resemble predators, contrary to popular belief.

Strong food odors also attract bees, especially sweet smells, and they’re almost impossible to get rid of once they get a whiff of your picnic food. When wasps discover food, they will continue to search around that location even after the source has been removed, which means they

(and all their friends) will be with you during your party if they locate your food right when you set it up.

Choosing your picnic location

-Do not choose your picnic spot close to trash cans as they tend to attract lots of bees.

-If you see a nest of nearby bees, or notice bees flying to and from a given area, select another location. Before you start loading in, watch the area around your chosen place to test for bees.

-Bees like tall grass for ground nests and peaceful areas like unused play structures and sheds for hives. Watch out for these.

Tips on how to prep your eating area

-Take a banana peel, cut into thin strips then insert strips into an empty 2-liter bottle. Combine 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of vinegar, stir, then pour into the bottle. Fill the bottle with water up

to 2 inches underneath the neck. Tie a piece of string around the neck and hang it from a branch of a nearby tree.

Bloomfield Hills – How to Keep the Bees Away from Your Next Picnic Outdoors

-Mothballs are another effective repellent for bees. Cut the feet off of a few pairs of pantyhose and fill them with mothballs. Tie the pantyhose off and hang them around your picnic area. The pungent odor will discourage bees and also keep other insects away.

-Bees are very aggressive and anything that comes near their hives they would attack by default.

Bees will typically avoid enemy hives, or what they think is enemy hives in fear of attack.

Trick them into doing fake hives. Blow up and throw in a few brown paper bags. Hang them up around your place for a picnic.

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