What’s that? Do you seem to hear something as you try to sleep? It seems to be coming from inside your walls. Listen closely. It sounds like scratching. It sounds like something is moving quickly. It sounds like a problem. Mice problem! They are nocturnal so they would be very busy after you’ve gone to bed. They can chew through most things including walls, which become passageways.

If you have mice, be proactive and contact your local Michigan Pest Control Service right away.

Good sanitation won’t get rid of them, but poor sanitation will certainly attract them. Searching for food, they will scurry across your countertops and food pantry. Any food that is improperly stored makes it that much easier for them to get a good meal. This includes any bags of pet food too. Don’t forget about any bird seed you have also. Although they are omnivorous, they prefer grains, fruits, seeds, food higher in carbohydrates in general.

On their quest for food, any place they travel, they leave behind saliva, urine and fecal matter which contaminates everything on their path. You would never have a problem of one. You would have a problem of some! They live in groups within a social hierarchy, especially with males. Communication between them is key. Mice are able to leave a scented trail for others to find and follow. They excrete a chemical from their bodies which triggers a response with the others. Another form of communication is through high pitched squeaks that are undetectable by humans.

Usually they won’t venture more than twenty-five feet from their nest to find food. An exception to this would be if the food is scarce. If you found their nest and then found droppings thirty feet or more from that, well, you’re probably the host to more than one family. They are very territorial and mark their space with their urine. Everything they leave behind spreads viruses and diseases.

The best way to get rid of a mouse or pest problem is to call in the professionals.  Remember that scented trail, that has to go. Would you know just where it has spread? A qualified team would! Hi-Tech Pest Control Services can help. At Hi-Tech Pest Control, we have the specialized equipment and knowledge to eradicate your mice infestation. We have been exterminating bed bugs and all kinds of pests with success for over thirty years. Call today for Free bed bug or pest inspection!

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