Spring is very nearly here. The winter is thawing, the sun is coming out more and more, you’re getting ready to do things outdoors again. But the pests are coming out too. The bugs that died off or moved away during winter are coming back and creatures are starting to come out of hibernation. What do you do about it?

From a call to an exterminator to some DIY tricks, there’s several methods you’ll want to employ when it comes to keeping the new pests of springtime out of your home.

Don’t let the warmth and change of seasons be ruined by a sudden and frustrating pest infestation.

To help you understand what pests you should be on the lookout for and how pest to combat their presence, we’ve outlined some pests and methods to take them on below. Take a look.


The number one bug that comes out to say hi when the weather starts to warm, are ants. They come in many forms. There’s your common pavement ants who will make their way inside your home through any and all cracks and be attracted to any possible food source they find. There’s more troublesome carpenter ants. They’re larger and can cause structural damage as they tunnel through wood to create their colonies. In both situations, a pro is usually needed to take care of the issue because of the plethora of ways ants can invade your home. An exterminator will be equipped to take on an ant invasion.

Bees and Wasps

Possibly everyone’s least favorite pests. Bees and wasps will come out in the summer and are a common headache for many. We’ve all been stung, at least once, by these pests. But it’s important to take care of them accordingly as, after all, bees play an important part in our ecosystem and we couldn’t live without them. If you find a bees nest in or around your home, call a pro to have it relocated. If you find wasps nearby, make sure to treat the area of their nest as quickly as possible to prevent a colony from forming.


The fly, famously, makes its triumphant return when the weather warms. Flies can be a nuisance and some flies, such as the horsefly, can bite. The best way to deal with houseflies is to keep the doors and windows closed so they don’t have a way in. They’re hard to catch and kill once they’re in a house and their buzzing can be a real headache.

Related Questions

Are Rodents Springtime Pests?

Many people think of mice and rats in their home as a wintertime issue because they’ll move indoors to seek shelter from the bad weather. This is true. But they’re also a year-round pest and the warm weather can make them bold and encourage them to spread to other areas of your dwelling. Keep an eye for scratch marks, missing food, and droppings and call a pro if you think you have a rodent infestation.

How Much Does an Exterminator Cost?

Prices vary depending on where you live and your maintenance requirements. A one-time visit from an exterminator will be most costly. If you’re getting a multi-visit treatment, the cost per treatment will be lower. For a contract for a monthly visit, it will be even lower, usually around $20-$30 per visit, each month. Ask about an annual package with quarterly payments, this is a good way to go, providing peace of mind from a pest infestation. Your budget and your situation is going to determine which treatment pattern and payment plan works best for you.

Spring is just about here and you want to be ready for what the warmth weather will bring, which isn’t always good things. Keep an eye on your home and know when to call a professional pest control service for some extra help.

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