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Experienced Bed Bug and Pest Control Exterminator Serving Michigan Communities. Let’s get rid of the bed bugs in your home! The most crucial step you can take is to hire a professional pest control exterminator who specializes in the identification and removal of bedbugs. Hi-Tech Pest Control has been Southeastern Michigan’s leader residential and commercial bed bug removal since 1986, successfully eradicating pests tens of thousands of homes using a combination of experience, knowledge, and the latest and greatest in bed bug extermination technology and approaches. We serve Michigan communities including: Oakland County MI, Troy MI, Bloomfield Hills MI, Birmingham MI, Auburn Hills MI, West Bloomfield MI, Royal Oak MI, Southfield MI, Saint Clair Shoes MI, Plymouth MI, Livonia MI, Wayne MI, Dearborn Heights



Bed Bugs will mature and populate in 30 days. They will mate approximately 5 times with random mates. when they are initially introduced to your home or business they can be very difficult to detect and locate. Once the feeding starts reproduction begin and will increase depending on the number of feedings and available hosts. Reproduction will stop immediately when feeding is interrupted.




Bed Bugs will be hard to find in the beginning stages of infestations and hard to eradicate for most control and application techniques. Leaving harborages and hiding places to feed and finding available host is very important. Pest Control methods must be precise and effective for complete eradication. Bed Bugs will be attracted to heat and human odors. When heat, carbon dioxide is introduced Bed Bugs will hunt for human hosts and blood meals. Movement from entering Beds or sitting on couches can create Bed Bug curiosity and Bed Bugs will forage for host and blood meals. If hosts are not available Bed Bugs will wander into other rooms or apartments. Movement will also accelerate if Bed Bugs are starving. Males become much more aggressive but females spend more time at home after feedings and contribute to increased populations and egg laying. Don’t underestimate Bed Bugs! They may not be hiding next to their host and that contributes to the difficulty in eradicating Bed Bugs, they are very sly and covert. For the latest methods and the most reliable Company, Call HI-TECH PEST CONTROL. MICHIGAN’S #1 BED BUG EXTERMINATOR and the only Company with a 6 month Warranty. Call us today and live Pest Free Tomorrow! 248-569-8001 www.hi-techpestcontrol.com


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