Northville Bed bugs have short, oval, flat bodies. They don’t have wings so they can’t fly (which is a relief), adults have that brown and copper color and when they feed, their bodies become elongated and red. They range in size from 4 to 5 mm and move steadily. They’re much smaller when they’re at their nymph stage and may be hard to see; however, this bug isn’t microscopic as popular wisdom implies.

Northville Bed bug look-a-likes

There are a few insects that can easily be mistaken for bed bugs and while there is no insect that is good to have in your room, it is important to identify them so you can know how to proceed well.

Here’s a list of the most popular bugs at home that look like (but aren’t) bed bugs:

Bat Bugs

The bat bug resembles bed bugs so much that their names even rhyme. These two are closely related so knowing their differences is important.

Bat bugs are normally found in bat nests and abandoned areas, they typically feed on such animals, but when bats migrate to cities or towns, bringing the bugs on their fur, they will infest homes and start feeding on humans. Bat bugs are also parasitic insects so they feed on blood.

The Book Louse –


This lousy critter, also known as a psocid, can be a nuisance in large numbers and, although distinctly different in color from bed bugs, they can be confused due to how difficult it is to recognize them in plain sight. These have three body parts and are typically transparent or light brown in color.

The Flea

Because of their reproductive velocity and endurance, fleas can cause terrible infestations if not managed in time. They can’t fly but they can very much run.

Adults are about 3 mm long and their bodies are brown and flattened sideways. Their overall body shape is not so similar to bed bugs, and the fact that in the blink of an eye (when they jump) they may disappear from your sight is a clear giveaway.

How do I get rid of bed bugs?

By doing general cleaning, check the mattress, bed sheets, bed frame; check the carpets, sofas, nightstands, and dressers.

Bed bug proof mattress covers: These can be used to cover infected mattresses to trap inside the bugs and wait for them to die. Nevertheless, it is important to note that bed bugs will go for months and even a year without feeding, so make sure that the cover is sealed properly during the period, or dump your mattress and buy a new one.

Treatment with insecticide may be used; however, bed bugs are insecticide-resistant so sometimes this is not as effective as expected. Pyrethroids are the most widely used effective insecticides for bed bugs because their residual effect can also help to remove their eggs.

Northville Pest Control 

An efficient approach is to use heat to destroy bed bugs. Clean all clothing, soft toys, bedsheets, and everything you can clean, on hot water, then use a dryer machine. Another measure for clothing can be dry killing which proves successful in the killing of bed bugs.