I can’t find the Bed Bugs that are biting me? | Hi-Tech Pest Control & Bed Bug Exterminator

Bed Bugs are almost impossible to find when you wake up and find those miserable disturbing bites.

The first stage is a maturation stage which entails months of feeding on humans. Once these blood sucking insects feed on you 5 or 6 times they will eventually reach a reproduction stage. The Reproduction Stage is when they become visible and start laying eggs.

It is important to positively identify the bites before they get into this Reproduction Stage.

Before reaching the Reproduction Stages the nymphs (young) will be carried through out the home or business when humans move from room to room with the nymphs and Bed Bugs on their person and they sit or sleep on furniture in other parts of the home or business that has no activity at all.


That is why it is important to catch it early before Bed Bugs ruin your Home or Business, call the professionals it will only save you valuable time and money. Hi-Tech Pest Control is ready to serve you. Call us today for a free Inspection.