3 Stages of Wayne County Bed Bug Infestations

  • Beginning
  • Medium
  • Unhealthy

In the first stage, Oakland County Bed Bugs are finding harborages and places to live in Beds and Furniture to get blood meals to mature and reproduce. It’s important to take notice and to identify the insect bites because they will start reproducing extremely fast once they start feeding.

In the next stage, Troy Bed Bugs start populating other parts of the home or businesses. The Nymphs are very easy to pick up on clothing and bed clothes and are easily carried to other parts of the home.

The last stage they start becoming visible, infest bed clothes, clothing, and furniture, this stage usually produces anxiety along with sleepless nights.

Pest control companies are essential businesses (businesses that contribute to healthier environments) and will continue to treat houses that are in dire need of service.  HiTech can provide you Troy pest control, even during the current pandemic.

Troy Bed Bug


Spring is coming and you should include getting rid of those pesky Bed Bugs with your Spring Cleaning. Trying to control and Eradicated Bed Bugs can be very complicated, frustrating and costly.

Price to Get Rid of Wayne County Bed Bugs

Pricing varies from house to house and business to business based on items like beds and couches, eating areas, common areas, waiting rooms, occupants, livable area, and the Bed Bug populations in the Home or Business. That is why it is important to have an inspection to first get a positive identification on the target pest, as well as examine Beds and Furniture. HI-TECH PEST CONTROL Technicians can save the client money if the home or business is inspected. Technicians will also have an opportunity to determine what obstacles they may incur that the client can remedy during preparation and save the technician’s a lot of time eradicating the home or business of Bed Bugs.

Where do Wayne County Bed Bugs Come From?

Bed Bugs can be found anywhere in your Home and Workplace. The heaviest population of Bed Bugs will probably be found where these insects can get plenty of blood meals. Populations of Bed Bugs will be found in almost every piece of furniture that you sleep or sit on. But don’t let the Title (Bed Bugs) fool you, because Bed Bugs can be found not only in these primary areas (Beds), but in secondary and tertiary areas as well, hiding places like widow frames, blinds, curtains etc.

Why Can’t I Kill My Wayne County Bed Bugs?

Almost everyone assumes they have solved their Bed Bug infestations when they discard most of their Furniture and belongings. Removing Furniture from the Home or Business has never eliminated Bed Bug Infestations, it will slow the reproduction when Bed Bugs cannot feed because they have to repopulate new furniture. The most important task is to completely eradicating Bed Bugs immediately, trying to find a safe place to sleep will not solve your Bed Bug issue. Once they are completely eradicated you will find that the Bed Bugs are not continually coming in from outside and your chances of getting them again are slim to none.

Choosing the Right Wayne County Pest Control Company for the Job?

Choosing a Company with a History of solving Pest Problems 100% of the time is important if you have a Bed Bug infestation, EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE is the most important factor in Eradicating Bed Bugs.  Be a good listener when an experienced Pest Control Operator enters your Home or Business, and do not assume you have enough knowledge from the internet or friends and relatives, that is the cause of so much failure when trying to defeat one of the most difficult pest in the World.

How Do I Kill Bed Bugs?

Home and Business owners are usually well out of their league when it comes to Eradicating Bed Bugs because it takes at least 10 years to begin to accumulate enough knowledge and skill to even attempt solving complex Bed Bug issues. A Certified Technician must first be able to identify a Bed Bug Infestations from bites, signs, and sightings.

Once the Technician has positively identified the target pest he must develop a plan and there are many, be assured that each job is not the same and just as difficult and must be approached with the utmost determination and skill. Bed Bugs will find any safe and hard to find place to live if they have been there too long and you have forced them into unusual places in order to survive, Bed Bug professionals must be able to find all of these harborages and places where they live.

Why Are Wayne County Bed Bugs so Hard to Kill?

Bed Bugs are excellent survivors and will survive extreme temperatures hot and cold. The adults are very strong and will live on just about any surface. Finding all of their locations is not a job casual customers should attempt to deal with, a professional should probably be called after the first sighting. Sightings usually occur long after experiencing bites and that contributes to their rapid reproduction. Bed Bugs are easily carried to other areas in the home or business on clothing or Bed Clothes, or forced out of areas with general use insecticides and lack of knowledge.

Wayne County Bed Bug Prevention?

HI-TECH PEST CONTROL Technicians will always educate our customers with the knowledge to prevent it from happening again, Pest Management and Prevention is very important But keep in mind the most important thing to do is to find and Eradicate the Bed Bugs because it will probably not be repeated or happen again if they are completely Eradicated.

Finding Wayne County Bed Bugs!

BED BUGS are very easy to identify but very difficult to find. Bed Bugs are round or oval shaped with horizontal lines on its back, they have pointy heads and are a shiny reddish brown in color. You should easily identify these insects especially if you see one on your Bed or Couch.


Long before you have a sighting you will probably start seeing or feeling bites on the upper body, Bites are very itchy and disturbing and usually itch for approximately 1 week, they are around the size or diameter of a pencil eraser and will appear bright red. Multiple bites are characteristic of Bed Bugs on the upper body because they will always seek heat, upper body chemistry, and carbon dioxide. All other insects usually leave only one bite.


Bed Bugs will leave behind blood stains is they are allowed to feed, Blood stains can be found on pillows and underneath the ropes on mattresses. Sometimes blood stains from Bed Bugs are overlooked because the little tiny dots of dried blood will turn black in color.


Although Bed Bugs should be identified from bites when they are in the maturation stage they will show themselves after approximately 2 to 3 months in the reproduction stage. The first sighting will probably mean that you are approaching the unhealthy stages. When they produce a large number of adults they will start reproducing at an alarming rate.

Troy Bed Bug Infestation

Troy Bed Bug Infestation

Bed Bug Misconceptions:

The BIGGEST misconception about Bed Bugs is that they like poor sanitation and they do not, but they will hide in clutter if you allow it. Bed Bugs like heat, carbon dioxide, and human blood. High moisture levels and humidity can contribute to bed bug infestations. Be assured Bed Bugs will populate any Home or Business with nothing more than one or more individuals to feed on.

The operative word is hide! Bed Bugs like to hide from their victims and become mobile when humans are resting or sleep usually at night foraging for meals. Their ability to hide and populate numerous places and furniture in homes, apartments, businesses, and rooms make them difficult to eradicate. Bed Bugs will also endure extreme temperatures Hot or Cold.

Is it Impossible to Get Rid of Wayne County Bed Bugs?

It is almost impossible for homeowners to eradicate Bed Bugs and is a horrifying task, that is why it’s important to choose Experienced Professionals that have a proven track record solving this issue. HI-TECH PEST CONTROL is 100% qualified and experienced in solving any Bed Bug infestation. Call us Today and live pest free tomorrow!


Bed Bugs will mature and populate in 30 days. They will mate approximately 5 times with random mates. When they are initially introduced to your home or business they can be very difficult to detect and locate. Once the feeding starts reproduction begin and will increase depending on the number of feedings and available hosts. Reproduction will stop immediately when feeding is interrupted.


Troy Bed Bug Bites

Troy Bed Bug Bites

Wayne County Bed Bug Removal Costs

BED BUGS can cause significant damage to sheets, pillows, blankets, dust ruffles, comforters, Beds and Furniture. Most homeowners feel that it is necessary to discard all of the Beds and Furniture, and it is not! Think about what it will cost to replace all these items in your home, and if Bed Bugs are not completely eradicated they will re-infest new Beds and Furniture. So let’s focus on eradicating the target pest!

Medical Expenses from Bed Bugs

Almost everyone will see Doctor’s and Dermatologists more than once before and after they get a positive identification on Bed Bugs. Homeowners will experience a lot of discomfort before they realize what’s biting them. Bed Bug Exterminators and well versed on getting a positive ID on Bed Bugs and should be contacted immediately.

Bites can be very painful and medication is usually prescribed by Doctor’s or Dermatologist’s that will relieve pain and itching and prevent patients from developing ulcers from scratching after they ID the insect bites. Loss of sleep is always an issue and time off from work and school can affect us financially. Bed Bugs slow will us down and drain us emotionally and financially.

Financial Impact on Businesses

Hotels, Motels, and Apartments take on heavy losses from clean-outs to units that cannot be rented, Control this pest Worldwide has cost billions. They all hire Pest Management Professionals to Control Bed Bugs that are constantly being brought in by customers to avoid a crisis and losing their reputations. Businesses that have been affected by Bed Bugs are Hotels, Camps, Dealerships, Rehabilitation centers, Dental offices, Hospitals, Senior Citizens Homes, and almost all other places of businesses.

HI-TECH PEST CONTROL is Michigan’s #1 Bed Bug Exterminator and is the only Bed Bug Company that offers a 6 month Warranty on all Bed Bug Services! If you think you have been invaded by Bed Bugs or any other pests in your home or business, Call HI-TECH PEST CONTROL.  We have been successfully exterminating pests for over 30 years. Call us today for a Free Inspection! 248-569-8001