We all get lost in all the information floating around on the internet for solving Bed Bug infestations and most of it is misrepresentation that has never been techniques that actually work. Bed Bug covers sound good and look good but do they actually work? They are covers and nothing more, mattresses already have covers and we are just adding another cover. Covering up a few bed bugs will confuse you and provide comfort for a short period but the others will eventually find you. Covers will not eradicate Bed Bugs! We are always looking for short cuts to this horrible home invasion, like alcohol, traps, and electronic devices and certified bed bug covers, but let’s face it, bed Bug infestations should be left to the professionals who have experience, knowledge and the  equipment that will completely eradicate Bed Bugs before they ruin your home and furniture costing you an enormous amount of money. Calling an exterminator near you should be a priority before exhausting all of your time and resources.


Bed Bug habits are feeding on warm-blooded humans, pets, and rodents. Male and females will feed 3 to 4 times a day, they will detect carbon dioxide and heat from humans. Bed Bugs will attack exposed skin like face, arms, and necks. Their bites are usually painless and hosts will unknowingly allow numerous feedings before they become aware of their presence. Feedings will continue approximately 3 or 4 months before homeowners are aware that they have a problem. Call HI-TECH PEST CONTROL today and live pest free tomorrow!