Finding out that your home has an infestation of Bed Bugs is ultimately a real-life nightmare and can be a very traumatizing experience. Areas of preference for Bed Bugs are the Face, Arms, and Neck, areas that are usually exposed when sleeping. Hiding places near the headboard is where you should begin searching, Bed Bugs like to feed on the upper body. Spraying general use insecticides and alcohol may make it more difficult to locate infestations because they will shy away from these areas until it is safe to come back. Just the thought of being violated at night time by those vicious blood sucking Bed Bugs is very disturbing.


Bed Bug Bites


Bed Bugs leave their marks normally on your upper body and their bites can be very itchy and painful. If you experience an allergic traction, you may want to consider going to your Doctor and they can prescribe medication to help with the symptoms that you are having.


Choosing Professionals


Hiring a professional Pest Control Company that is experienced with eradicating Bed Bugs is crucial to you eliminating those Pests for good! there is no time to waste because those female Bed Bugs will lay eggs everyday. 


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