Bed Bug Exterminator Services in Michigan


Getting rid of Bed Bugs is no easy tasks and involves years of experience and knowledge. One Bed Bug can deliver approximately 350 eggs in a lifetime. Eggs and Nymphs are very difficult to see with the naked eye and will hide anywhere in the Home or Business to be near humans. Professional Exterminator’s and Pest Control Operators can suggest methods and procedures but without the right equipment and knowledge you will probably have less than a 2% chance of completely eradicating all of these vicious pests. Licensed exterminators are trained to solve problems that is almost impossible for casual customers. That means your Home or Business should be treated by licensed Pest Control Exterminator’s that specialize in eradicating Bed Bugs. 




Exterminator’s must first and most importantly stop the feeding, they need blood meals to keep populating and maturing. This involves Pest Control Operators removing Bed Bugs from Beds, Furniture, and areas that you spend two hours or longer. Bed Bug Technician’s must be able to locate all the harborages and Bed Bug nest’s in your Home or Business and eradicate them all, this entails the latests methods of application, equipment and knowledge. If they are not completely eradicated they will eventually hitch a ride back to your Beds or Couches and that maturation and reproduction will start all over again. Bed Bugs are one of the most difficult pests in the World to Exterminate.




Bed Bugs can be found in almost every place of business like Public Transportation, College Dormitories, second hand furniture stores. Avoid coming home with Bed Bugs and introducing them to your Bed or Couch is the key. Remove and wash clothing, wash Bed Clothes, and vacuum. Practice these three things frequently and you will be successful in avoiding Bed Bug infestations. If you have a Bed Bug infestation Call the Professional’s at HI-TECH PEST CONTROL for a free Inspection and Consultation. We offer a 6 Month Warranty and Rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau. 248-569-8001. www.hi-techpestcontrol