It seems like Novi bed bugs bite while you’re sleeping no matter what you’re doing. Yet you can avoid them from biting and sleeping in your bed at night by using some powerful anti bed bug tools.

Use a potent bed bug spray to kill any bugs that hide in the headboard, under the mattress and box springs. Wash all bed clothes, dust ruffles, sheets, and pillows. Then use the encasement of a mattress to keep the bed bugs trapped inside where they can’t bite you. Placing traps around your bed feet will avoid the bugs from getting to you.

When combined, sprays, traps, and enclosures ensure you can sleep in a bed without being attacked by bugs in your room. Vacuum and remove all visible bed bugs.

Why is it hard to sleep in a bed with bed bugs

After going to bed you can or may not see Novi bed bugs. When you can’t see them, they are still there but hidden away. Owing to anxiety you’ll probably find it difficult to sleep. Bed bugs affect human health in a number of ways that go well beyond the physical.

At least the bed bugs won’t bite until you get to sleep. They are waiting for the early morning hours when you’ll be in your deepest sleep.

They will then come out to eat one at a time. They are following your fragrance and the warmth that you are giving off. There’s nothing that you can do to stop them from finding you. They will then feed for 15 or 20 minutes. Once they are done, they are going back to their harbor.

Will Novi bed bugs disrupt sleep

In the early hours, between 3 am and 5 am bed bugs bite. That’s an unconscious trait that nature created. There are many reasons why they choose this time:

  • -They hate sunshine. These are the darkest hours, which is when they are most relaxed.
  • -Normally, this is the time that you’re in sleep cycle stages three and four. You will wake up at earlier stages in response to stimuli. Noise and emotions do not wake you up in those later stages.
  • -Because it’s so late, if you do wake up, it’s dark. The dark cover is perfect for bed bugs since you can’t see them.

This means the bed bugs are not disrupting your night. Even when you are awake, there’s not much pain or sharp feeling of a bed bug biting you. Your body does not send out even a slight warning to your brain while you’re in deep sleep. So, it does not wake you up or bother you.

This does, however, depend on the extent of the infestation. When the infestation is large, then they will feed all night long. If that is the case, shortly after you go to bed, and just before you wake up in the morning, they will interrupt your sleep.

When you have an odd sleeping pattern, they’re even more likely to bother you. For example, if you go to sleep late after midnight. They would take advantage of your sleep cycle reasonably early, disturbing you once again.

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