Bed Bugs have been increasing exponentially for at least 25 years. They are wreaking havoc on homes and businesses all over the world due to increases in travel and commuting back and forth between Countries. Because of the increase in Bed Bug populations public health is on the decline. Studies are now showing Bed Bugs to carry 50 or more pathogens (organisms that can cause diseases). Although Bed Bugs are not known to transmit disease they do carry pathogens. The primary adverse affects on human health from Bed Bug populations are anxiety, stress, insomnia, dermatitis, and ulcers. People who travel frequently have a 74% chance to encounter these creatures in Hotels, Planes, Trains, and all other places where humans sit or sleep. Although Bed Bugs will be found in many different locations that doe’s not mean that they are lurking around waiting to hitch a ride on you or your clothing. If you do have a Bed Bug infestation be assured that HI-TECH PEST CONTROL can solve it. We have unparalleled experience in Bed Bug Removal. Call us today and live pest free tomorrow!