Completely eradicating Bed Bug infestations will involve numerous techniques and skillful resources. Proper equipment and years of experience is paramount in fighting these elusive pests. Lack of understanding is the biggest hurdle when fighting an overpopulation of Bed Bugs. Bed Bugs hide in to many places and reproduce to unhealthy levels in just a few months.

Here are some helpful tips in keeping the population down, as long as they continue to feed they will reproduce exponentially. Wash all bed clothes and pillows frequently, when the nymphs get in and on the bed clothes they are almost invisible to the eye. They are beige in color and when magnified you can see the tiny legs, The eggs are pure white and may look exactly like a tiny piece of cotton the size of a pinhead, when magnified you can see the little brown head. Washing Bed clothes and clothing will keep the young ones away from your body and slow the maturation.

Bed-ridden occupants can cause a huge problem if they spend almost all of their time in Beds or Hospital Beds. The heat needed to attract Bed Bugs is always present with ambulatory humans. Good sanitation should be practiced before using general use insecticides or spraying alcohol on infested areas.

Don’t assume that Bed Bugs are not present in all the rooms that you rest or sleep in so be advised that sleeping on couches and recliners will cause a build up in other furniture throughout the house. Sleeping on blow up mattresses is a better choice because they have less harborages and places for Bed Bugs to hide. Bed Bugs do not live throughout the carpet like fleas so why not sleep under a comforter on the floor. Once Bed Bugs have been introduced into the home they will reach disturbing levels in a short period of time and by the time you get a positive identification on this insect it is too late. Keeping and slowing down the maturation and reproduction will not completely eradicate Bed Bugs But it will certainly make living in the home a lot easier.

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