Treating Royal Oaks bed bugs is complex. Your chances of success depend on several factors, including:

Know your target pest. How many bed bugs you have; How much clutter is available for hiding places; Whether your neighbors have bed bugs; and whether all residents of a house or building will participate.

Based on the type and severity of the infestation it can take weeks to months to get rid of bed bugs completely. Everyone will need to work and do their part to be successful.

The following steps will help you begin: 

  1. Identify the problem – Royal Oaks
  • -Pest Identification:
  • Take a pest sample to show an extension agent or some other authority on insects.
  • Extension agents will alert you of the pest at no cost. They are specialized in managing pests and know your local area.
  • -If an extension agent or other expert says the pest is a bed bug, notify your landlord if you live in an apartment. The units near yours should be inspected.
  • -To find out the extent of the infestation, check all places which could have bed bugs, plus adjacent living spaces.
  1. Develop a strategy
  • -Make a schedule to complete the steps below. Be sure to include any personal plans, for example, vacations.
  • -Keep records all along the process. Note the exact dates and locations where pests are found. It will allow you to keep track of progress and to know better where to direct your work.
  • -Keep checking for at least one year after you’ve finished making sure all the bed bugs go away.

Royal Oaks – How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

  1. Keep the Infestation from Spreading
  • -Remove things that have been infested. Place in and treat them in a sealed plastic bag. Learn more about methods of treatment in the sections below.
  • -Items that cannot be treated should be placed in a sealed plastic bag and left there for up to a year to ensure any active bugs are dead.
  • -Dispose of the vacuum after each use. Seal the bag as tightly as possible and dump it in an outdoor trash bin as soon as possible.
  • -When you can’t completely remove the bed bugs, replace the furniture responsibly. Destroy it, so that someone else will not be tempted to take it home. For instance:

Rip covers from furniture pieces, and remove the stuffing.

Royal Oaks – How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Use spray paint to mark “Bed Bugs” on furniture.

  • -Have infested objects collected by the garbage disposal department as soon as possible
  • -Don’t discard furniture if you can safely eliminate the bed bugs from it.
  1. Prepare for treatment
  • -Preparing for treatment is very important;  it will make it easier for bed bugs that have not been removed to track. Whether you are doing the procedure yourself or hiring a doctor you can complete this preparation.
  1. Kill the bed bugs
  • -Verify that the approaches you choose are safe, efficient, and legal.
  • -Consider non-chemical methods for destroying bugs in beds. Based on the situation some can be more effective than others. These and other approaches can be effective but they do not fully get rid of the infestation:

Heat treatment: You can use a clothes dryer on high heat. You can also use black plastic bags in a hot, closed car in the sun, but success depends on your environment and other factors.  Do-it-yourself heat treatments might not work. Professionals have access to more intensive and proven methods that can even treat whole houses with heat.

Cold treatment in the home environment may be successful. You must leave the items for four days in a sealed bag in the freezer.

Steam cleaners (wet or dry) may treat carpets, baseboards, bed frames, and other furniture in cracks and fabrics. They should not have a heavy airflow, or it can cause scattering of bed bugs. To avoid scattering use a diffuser.