Let’s say that you have a problem. A big problem. Bedbugs! You love your bed and just don’t have the resources to throw it out and purchase a new one. You can trap them or use special covers that would kill them. Which direction is the best for you?

There are chemically impregnated covers that are marketed to solve your bed bug problem, however calling a professional exterminator is your best bet.

Here are some details to consider when it comes to this item and being proactive until a pest control service can help. When the bugs are hungry, they eat and the time they give to their meals may not be enough time to repel and kill them. These bugs are not going to just linger on the cover. They want to feast upon your blood and then hide and digest their meal. Some may die, some may be repelled. They may do a little of both but not a lot of either. The time required to kill them would need to be for hours or possibly days. They certainly will not prevent an infestation. Also, really consider how you might feel knowing you would be sleeping on top of chemicals.

Encasements are the way to go for both your mattress and box spring. It must be backed with scientific data declaring it has been tested and approved. It can also be proactive to prevent bedbugs from ever harboring within your bed. These can prevent an infestation. Once encased, no other bugs can get in and none can get out. At times you might find a few on the outer surface and they would be exposed, readily detected. It certainly eases the follow ups from the professionals.

Knowing that your bed is okay, they won’t need to be inspecting so many hiding places especially with your box spring. Can you handle the idea that bedbugs are slowly dying where you rest? Perhaps with its opaque color, you can put it out of your mind.

Should you find that you just need to bite the bullet and make a new purchase, there are some important steps to follow. Before you dispose of your infested mattress and box spring, completely seal it up with some shrink wrap or heavy polyvinyl sheeting. There are also disposal bags designed specifically for this purpose. The last thing you want to do is drag these items through your home and spread the bugs and eggs into other areas. Label it, “Bedbug infested item-DON’T TAKE” as it waits for trash day because you don’t want anyone to take it and infest another home.

If you think you have a bed bug problem or a pest infestation of any kind, calling a professional pest control service is wise. Hi-Tech Pest Control Services has been eradicating bed bugs and exterminating all types of pests for over thirty years! We pride ourselves on doing the jobs those other guys can’t do.

Call a knowledgeable and experienced pest control exterminator today at 248-569-8001 to schedule your FREE INSPECTION!

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