Bedbugs are a nuisance! There’s no argument there. They are challenging to get rid of and the thought that you’ve got this challenge is enough to lose a lot of sleep over. A professional bed bug exterminator can help by eradicating the problem. Beyond that, do bed bugs pose any danger to humans?

If someone was already dealing with anemia issue, having bedbugs certainly wouldn’t help the situation. Having something drain any amount of your blood of a regular basis could make the problem worse.

With any bedbug bite, it isn’t initially felt. A reaction can occur days later for some, if not most.

Those that do react may find that too much scratching has the potential to open an area. Any wound not treated properly does run the risk of infection. Do any dangers exist beyond that regarding the dreaded bedbug?

A general understanding of bedbugs transmitting diseases to people is that they don’t. However, they do have a cousin that does. It’s called the Chagas Disease, named after the doctor that discovered his patients being infected with it in Brazil. This bug is officially called Triatomine. It has nicknames such as the assassin or the kissing bug and it is a cousin to the bedbug. Although this disease is most prevalent in South American, that is changing due to more outbreaks further north than usual. It has now been found in Europe and in southern parts of the United States. This is most likely due to travel, immigration and infected blood transfusions. The U.S. is starting to screen donated blood to prevent the spread.

This crazy bug and bedbugs are related. They also share feeding habits. That is feasting on humans while they are asleep. If this kissing bug can pass this disease on, can its cousin? Within laboratory experiments, it would appear that the answer is yes.

Mice with the disease were with bedbugs for a month. After this time, the bugs did acquire the parasite that carries the disease. Having these bedbugs with uninfected mice for a month found they did transfer this disease. Things are very different in a lab and in real life though.


One thing that may put us to rest about these finding is an additional detail about those kissing bugs. They get that name because unlike bedbugs that bite any exposed skin, their cousins bite the face! Not only that, following their feast, they defecate there near that wound that creates the problem. Bedbugs are too private for that. They go right into hiding to take care of business. For now, we can conclude that when it comes to this disease, we’re safe. If you think you have a bed bug problem, or any other pest infestation call a professional exterminator today.

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