Think about midnight cravings as you are watching a late-night movie. Those cravings seem to intensify when a little one is expected. This is all about the human, but what about another living creature, a pest really. When it comes to bedbugs, their general meal time is midnight until 5:00am, depending on their human host’s schedule.

Bed bugs live a cryptic life style and hide during the day, often with others within cracks and crevices. They don’t want to be seen. They don’t want to be disturbed.

After the female bedbug’s traumatic insemination, she can be independent for quite some time without a male in her life. She can ever create an infestation within your home all by herself. All she needs to do is have her regular bloodmeals. The more she eats, the more eggs she can produce. Weekly feedings can really promote this versus monthly ones.

The female bed bug can get things started so that the end result is the possibility of a bedbug population doubling every sixteen days! She will most likely lay one to seven eggs in a little over a week. She has the potential though to lay five to twenty eggs during a ten-day span after one bloodmeal. In order to produce more eggs, she needs to eat again.

She can continue with this pattern until she runs out of sperm. To obtain that she doesn’t have to look far. A grown up male offspring can be called upon. The eggs she lays are a pretty fair ratio of males and females.

The female bedbug is pretty active at night. She might lay her eggs in groups or as she wanders around anywhere within a room. Those eggs could be almost anywhere. Sixty percent of them will hatch when six days old. Ninety percent hatch by the ninth day. All in all, ninety-seven percent of them will survive and hatch. This female alone has the capacity to lay one hundred and forty eggs within her lifetime, which is about a year.

Remember that this lady needs to eat to produce those eggs. The little ones, they go through five stages before they grow up. Just like she needs to eat to produce, they need to eat to make it to the next stage. Those meals are all close to midnight, before dawn. Whether you’re in a deep sleep in your cozy bed, or have crashed on the couch, you’re their meal ticket. They know how to find you!

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