Bedbugs are nocturnal, and their world is much different than ours. They are very busy during the night time. As you sleep, they search for food and their type of food is you! Your blood that is! You unknowingly guide them right to you. They are able to sense the carbon dioxide that we exhale. Any exposed skin offers a potential feasting spot for them once they locate a good vein to pierce.

Bed bugs painlessly consume your blood since their saliva has a numbing agent.

Just like many humans, after a big meal, it’s time for a nap. They retreat to a hiding place either on or near the bed, usually staying within eight feet, and digest their meal. They may leave behind smudges of your blood, fecal matter, or shed skin. Finding any of these can help to understand the realization of having bedbugs. Should you have a reaction to their bites, you would become itchy a few days later.

Hunger will set in on a weekly basis. This doesn’t mean that you get fed from on the same day of the week because where there’s one bed bug, there’s more of them and they don’t all eat on the same schedule. This means there could be nightly visits.

Should they reach a population of about eighty, they will branch out to other locations in the home. This also means branching out to other sleepers. They are slow, but are very steady. Their pace is much like that of a ladybug and can actually travel one hundred feet during the night. Getting from one location to another is quite easy for them since they are as thin as a piece of paper.

With this beyond slender body that is the size of an apple seed when mature, bed bugs can slip through just about anything! Outlets become passageways. Cracks and crevices provide places for them to travel through and hide in. They can easily go from one room to another and set up residence.

Should you ever suspect bedbugs occupy your home, call in the professionals. They have a life cycle that is hard to end. Hi-Tech Pest Control Services has been successfully exterminating bed bugs for over 30 years.

At Hi-Tech Pest Control, we pride ourselves on doing the jobs those other guys can’t do. Call a knowledgeable and experienced pest control exterminator today at 248-569-8001 to schedule your Free Inspection!

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