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Bed Bugs do adapt to change in their environment, low moisture levels and dehydration is not a concern for Bed Bugs because they can survive on moisture from blood meals alone. They do not have to seek moisture or liquids when they are not feeding because human host are available for blood meals, moisture from blood meals alone is sufficient. although the younger populations are more susceptible to dehydration and desiccant (drying agent) dusts, the general adult population is not. If a human host is not present, Bed Bugs will persist without moisture from blood meals for as long as 6 months or for 1 year especially at lower temperatures. Grouping together and clustering will help them to retain their moisture too. scientist believe that Bed Bugs have proteins that aid them during dehydration stresses and will reverse the damage from loss of moisture.


Bed Bugs reproduce very slowly laying approximately one egg per day and will have to reach high numbers for the average person to even know that even have an infestation, after hatching maturation takes about 6 weeks. Bed Bugs will often go unnoticed for months until they reach the unhealthy stage where they become almost impossible for casual customers to eradicate. It is Important to react immediately if you have any suspicions that you have an infestation. Biting will be the first signs of Bed Bug infestations not sightings.


Bed Bugs take extreme temperatures that have to be applied equitably in order to have an impact and will probably not completely eradicate the Bed Bugs but will slow reproduction. Bed Bugs hiding in hard to reach places or inside furniture and appliances will survive, that is why it is always best for Pest Control Operators to use more than one method or treatment to increase  insure a high mortality rate and completely eradicate all Bed Bugs. High heat are supplemental treatments that are used for control and cannot completely eradicate without other methods of applications to ensure complete eradication. Bed Bugs are engineered to resist extreme temperatures. We underestimate the Bed Bugs ability to survive and that is why they persist.

HI-TECH PEST CONTROL is Michigan’s #1 Bed Bug Exterminator and is the only Bed Bug Company to offer a 6 month Warranty on all Bed Bug Services! If you think you have been invaded by Bed Bugs or any other pests in your home or business, Ca;; HI-TECH PEST CONTROL we have been successfully exterminating pest for over 30 years. Call us today for a Free Inspection! 248-569-8001. A + RATED BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU 




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