Everyone knows the age-old saying that causes us to believe that a peaceful night’s rest can be interrupted by the vicious bite of a bed bug. That threat may be more real than many of us realized because these bugs are more than just an old fable.

Do bed bugs really have the ability to bite you?

These parasites can indeed bite through the flesh of humans, and they do so in order to feed on their blood. They are most commonly found in high foot-traffic destinations such as hotels and can cling to personal items such as clothing and luggage.

Sleeping “tight” turns out to be the best advice when it comes to avoiding bites from bed bugs. They tend to bite exposed skin and are unlikely to make their way under barriers such as blankets and clothing. Covering as much skin as possible, especially in high-risk areas such as hotels, can go a long way in preventing bed bug bites.

How do you know when you’ve been bitten by a bed bug?

Some persons may have a reaction that results in burning or itching, however, this does not happen immediately. It may take a few days for any symptoms to appear since bed bugs release a numbing agent before they bite you.

Are there bed bug repellents?

Oils such as cinnamon, clove, and lavender can be effective at not only repelling possibly even killing bed bugs. Other effective oils include eucalyptus, thyme, and peppermint. These can be used in and around common hiding places such as mattresses and bed frames. However, calling a professional exterminator is most effective.

Are bed bugs visible to humans?

Bed bugs have a reddish tan color and are about the size of an apple seed. They look oval and a bit flat when seen with the naked eye. These insects, however, are quite elusive and tend to keep out of sight.

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How do bed bugs manage to make their way into a domestic home?

They can hitch a ride on luggage and other personal effects after leaving the location they previously occupied. They can also pass from one person to another by clinging to clothing and backpacks.

These parasites may not be known for carrying diseases, but they are a health concern. Every measure should be put in place to ensure you and your family are safe from unexpected attacks by these stealthy insects. It all begins with calling a professional bed bug exterminator.

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