Whenever we think of damage done to the wooden structures of our homes, we generally think of termites. They are not the only pests responsible for invading and destroying wood. Carpenter ants are just as guilty. Unlike termites, they don’t consume the wood. If left untreated, they can destruct any wooden structure and their colonies can take over. Pest control services like Hi-Tech Pest Control have the experience to handle any residential or commercial issue!

Carpenter ants thrive in humidity. In fact, they prefer to create their nests in dead, damp wood.

Sometimes they may hollow out sections of trees. Sometimes they infest wooden homes or other structures that are exposed to severe moisture. They can live both outdoors and indoors as long as it involves moist, decaying wood. Some favorite locations may be around and under windows, roof eaves, decks, and porches. These areas are perfect for them because they are exposed to the elements and are vulnerable to moisture.

They are tidy little home bodies. Using their mandibles, they chew galleries, or tunnels and keep them as smooth as sandpapered wood. These shavings, often mixed with parts of dead ants are left behind as they go about their home design. It is a sure sign of an infestation. Sometimes you can even hear a rustling sound as they go about their activity within the wood of a building.

A queen carpenter ant  lays 9-16 eggs her first year. She can live to be 25 years old!!! Within a colony, there is a combination of workers that forage for food and swarmers. These are winged creatures and are produced when a colony matures and is ready to form new ones. If you see fliers, it means this is a well-established group ready to branch out.

Now if an infested carpenter ant site , is treated early there shouldn’t be too much damage. If the colony has been busy for an extended period of time, then it could mean extreme damage. Call in the professionals. Hi-Tech Pest Control is the way to go! If it isn’t done well, the colony may rebound when the surviving members continue burrowing and foraging. All at the expense of your home! Call us for a free inspection and let us take care of your pest problem today!

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