Winter is here! During our cold spells it’s nice to curl up and get warm and cozy indoors. Some creatures can’t do that, or rather, we don’t want them making themselves at home within our home! They adapt. Some go to warmer climates. Some hibernate. Some keep on thriving because they find ways to sneak into our homes. This is true for the dreaded bed bug!

Do bed bugs hibernate during the winter months?

Bed bugs do not hibernate and given enough time in the cold they would die. It’s not an effective eradication approach. These bugs would need to spend a good three-and-a-half days in zero degrees Fahrenheit before their eggs and themselves would perish. Putting your bed, couch, etc. out in the snow just isn’t practical.

Bed bugs are travelers. In fact, they are great hitchhikers. They go from state to state, even continent to continent. Whenever you travel, it’s always a good idea to wash all of your clothes and inspect your luggage as soon as you get home. This includes the clothes on your back too. Look that purse over thoroughly too! They are tiny little beasts. Think of the size of an apple seed, it’s the size of an adult bed bug. Eggs and their young are tinier. You are more likely to find other evidence of their existence—wastes. Their fecal droppings are like a sprinkling of pepper.

Bed bugs are more active in the summer. During the winter, they do yearn for warm environments. After that, the only thing they really need to survive is their food source. YOU! Your blood is all they need and they don’t need it all that often either.

As adults, they’re resilient. If they are young, developing into adulthood, more frequent feedings are required. Remember how they got their name? It’s all about your bed, with you in it. As you are sound asleep, they feast. Then off they go to hide and digest their meal.

When it comes to travel, there is a variety of security measures whether you’re flying, driving, hiking, or camping. Thorough inspections of any bedding, especially near seams, and keeping luggage off the floor is key. Then once home, inspect and wash everything. Safe travels.

Bed bugs can infest at any time of the year. If you think you have a bed bug infestation you need to call a professional bed bug and pest exterminator. Hi-Tech Pest Control Services can help! Hi-Tech Pest Control has been Southeastern Michigan’s leader residential and commercial bed bug removal for over 30 years. We are so confident in our approach to eliminating bed bugs that we are the only Michigan bed bug company to offer a 6-month warranty on all bed bug extermination services! Call us today for a Free Bed Bug and Pest Inspection!

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