There is good news and bad news about earwigs. Let’s start with the good news first. They eat aphids, maggots, and army worms. The bad news is they will also eat your garden as well! They love little seedlings and sprouts. They’re crazy about lettuce and celery. They don’t mind a menu of other plants, fruits, and flowers too. Earwigs not only cause a problem in your garden but in your home as well. A professional pest control service such as Hi-Tech pest control servicing Oakland County, MI can help!

When we bring some of our planters inside at the end of summer, earwigs may be mistakenly brought inside along with them.

They like to nuzzle between planters and saucers. This tends to be a nice moist spot and they love that! They love all moist conditions whether inside or out. They actually require this moisture. The 30 to 50 nearly transparent earwig eggs from just one female pest, once hatched, go through numerous stages of soft bodies to reach adulthood. These will dry out if not kept in wet conditions. If it’s a dry spell outside, they may come inside, especially if you have a nice moist garage, basement, foundations, vents, doorways, window casings, attics, newspapers on the front porch, etc. Also, when it gets cold outside…..look out.

These pests don’t like to be in the limelight. They are most active at night. If disturbed, whether it be day or night, they scramble, and boy, earwigs run fast! And when disturbed they may produce a foul odor. Where there’s one earwig, there’s usually a ton. They aren’t social, territorial, and don’t create nests, but they do tend to live together. This burst of energy from them is very intimidating!

Some people find them scary looking! Most are about an inch in length. Along with their six legs and three body segments, earwigs also have pincers, or forceps protruding from the base of their flexible abdomens. These are straight and short on the females, curved and long on the males. Some think they resemble an ear. Maybe that inspired their name along with some folklore stories about them going through human ears and into our brains to lay their eggs. These pincers are helpful to ward off enemies, such as toads and birds. They can be used to help them capture their prey. Earwigs are not harmful to humans, however, it is possible to get pinched by these. These pests are quite a headache in your home and garden.

Some of these pests do have wings, but they aren’t graceful about using them. Those that do fly, tend to have short bursts of flight. Overall, they look quite clumsy. Whether they run, fly, or both, get help from Hi-Tech pest control in Troy, MI to get rid of them.  At Hi-Tech pest control, we use a blend of pesticides, specific knowledge, and special equipment is necessary to fully and properly eradicate earwigs and prevent an infestation. Call us today for a free inspection!

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