They can walk, run, stand, climb, swim, and jump a foot up into the air!  Mice have excellent hearing, vision, smell, and sense of touch enabling them to be very adaptable.  These critters are omnivores, so they will eat meat and grains.  They love seeds and nuts the most.  If food is scarce, they’ll eat just about anything they can find.  And boy, do these pests eat!

Having voracious appetites, mice eat 15 to 20 times a day.

And what goes in has to come out!  Their droppings add up to 40 to 100 per day!  Along with that, there’s urine. They constantly leave micro-droplets along the paths they travel all day long. Sometimes mice will mark their territory as well, to attract females, and to warn off males.

The life span of this particular pest tends to be two and a half years, but oh my, can they produce during that amount of time!!!  Baby mice, called pinkies or pups, are weaned from their mothers around twenty-one days and start exploring.  Within thirty-five days, they are mature and begin to mate when six weeks old.  The gestation period is around twenty-one days.  An average litter is six, but twelve are possible.  It is possible to have a litter every three weeks.  By the end of a year, a single mouse could have had as many as 150 pups!

When mice live outdoors, their family planning time is generally spring and fall.  When they live indoors…it’s all year long!!!

They do love grassy and wooded areas.  When they do their property search, a dark area that is protected from the elements is perfect.  Of course, it needs to be close to available food.  It’s no problem to roam anywhere from six to thirty feet from their nest. When it gets cold outside, mice want a warm place to call home.  It could be YOUR home!  They only need a quarter of an inch to crawl on in.  Their pathway could be utility lines, pipe openings, or gaps beneath doors.  Remember, they are very adaptable!

If you don’t have these occupants in your home yet, keep food in sealed containers and keep it clean!  If you do have an infestation, bring in the licensed, trained professionals, like Hi-Tech Pest Control. At Hi-Tech Pest Control Services we have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to eradicate your mouse infestation. Call us today for a free inspection!

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