Bees are such an important part of nature! It’s good for us to help their existence as the helpful pollinators that they are! We love them and the work they do.

However, we do not love their intrusion upon our personal space, especially when food, friends, and family are involved. It can be downright disturbing and when allergies are involved, it becomes dangerous!

They do love those sweet smells of fragrant drinks, fruits, usually a fruit salad and barbecue sauce!

Bees are social and when they spread the word about our outdoor gathering with food and drink, it can be a very unpleasant experience.

They really don’t want us. They want what smells so great. We just get in the way and often aggravate the situation with our swatting at them. It’s fruitless (no pun intended).

We don’t want to eradicate bees, we just want to send them away so we can enjoy our food and company. There are some remedies to ward off these beautiful buzzers.

Prior to enjoying your outdoor spaces, prepare it for bee prevention by rubbing lemon juice or white vinegar onto and under tables, chairs, perimeter of your deck. This prevents them from building their nests. Adding two tablespoons of vinegar for each gallon of water for birdbaths will deter bees from that space. Placing cinnamon in your area on a daily basis for a week has been known to have a lasting effect.

You can add certain items to your dining space. Four to five cloves placed on your table with help bees to keep their distance. Sprinkling natural, organic baby powder around the area has been known to help. Bees are also not fans of cut or crushed garlic.

Some fragrant solutions might not be very pleasant for the humans such as hanging some moth balls from nylons around your area. Placing partially opened toilet bowl cleaners under the table, chairs, and grill can be a big help. It may be hot outside somedays, but bees do not enjoy the burning of candles and campfires.

Some natural bee and bug repellents are citrus, mint, and eucalyptus oil. An added bonus with these is keeping the mosquitoes away too. Perhaps we should consider using our oil diffusers out on our decks and patios this summer. Here’s wishing a wonderful summer for both the humans and the bees!

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