When it comes to bedbugs, you can trap them? How in the world can you do that? Well, let’s say you currently live bedbug free. Some day in your future you could unsuspectingly bring them right into your home. They are amazing hitchhikers.

Bed bugs would rarely be finding refuge on or in your clothes since they don’t like heat.

It would more likely be from hiding in the seams of your luggage, backpack, or purse. They aren’t called bedbugs for nothing. That is their favorite place in the world. Just how do you keep them from your place of rest and recovery?

Encasements. That’s the answer! A particular one is called BugLock and it was manufactured by Protect-A-Bed of Chicago. It was the first to develop one that was commercially available and specifically designed for bedbugs. A proactive approach to protect your bed is to put a quality encasement on your mattress and box spring before you bring home bed bug troubles. Since bed bugs are great at hiding in beds, the encasements will prevent them from doing so.In fact, those apple seed sized pests would be spotted right away! If they could just get inside that covering there are so many places to hide in that bed, but they can’t!

A quality encasement is important. This means that the item would be backed with scientific data and validation. Bedbugs would not be capable of getting inside of it. They certainly couldn’t bite through it and enter. Also, it would utilize small teeth zipper so the bugs could never weave themselves through. The zipper end spot is crucial to lock in place. Opening up just the width of two zipper teeth is enough room for entry.

Let’s say you had the misfortune of experiencing an infestation of bedbugs. Calling a professional bed bug exterminator is wise. Considering this pest’s life cycle, they may need to treat more than once. Should you want to avoid the expense of purchasing a new bed. Encasements are the way to go. Even though the professional have treated your bed, this covering seals in any newly hatched life, and they would never see the light of day ever again.

Hi-Tech Pest Control is Michigan’s #1 bed bug exterminator and is the only Michigan bed bug company to offer a 6-month warranty on all bed bug extermination services! If you think you have been invaded by bed bugs or any other type of pest in your home or business, call Hi-Tech Pest Control. We have been successfully exterminating pests for over 30 years. Call us today for a free inspection!

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