Termites aren’t the only pests that love wood. Carpenter ants are guilty of this as well. Both pests do plenty of damage to wooden structures. They invade and destroy! One big difference is that carpenter ants don’t consume the wood as termites do.

Carpenter ants prefer dead, damp wood and may take up residence by hollowing out sections of trees.

It doesn’t have to be in the great outdoors though. If it’s wood and it’s damp, they’ll be satisfied! More specifically, they would be thrilled with moist, decaying wood along with plenty of moisture. When we consider our dwelling places, there are many areas that would please these pests.

Favorite areas would be around and under windows, roof eaves, decks, and porches. Now if these aren’t in decay yet, they are exposed to the elements and are vulnerable to moisture. For carpenter ants, these spots have potential!

They chew their way into wood creating galleries, or tunnels. They do so in a manner that leaves them so smooth, as though they’ve been sanded down.

Shavings are often left behind as they churn their way through the wood. It is often mixed with parts of those that don’t make it, dead ants. Seeing this is a definite sign that you might have these intruders living in your space.

If you have an infested site and it is treated early, you should be in good shape. If the colony has been around for a while, it could mean you may find some extreme damage. You want the job of eliminating these pests done well, done right. Otherwise, you stand the risk of having the colony rebound when the surviving members continue burrowing and foraging for food.

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