As mice move here and there during the night-time looking for food, they remain close to walls. They run along them for safety reasons. Their whiskers help to guide their way. Look closely and you may find pieces of chewed up wall along the floorboards. This is a sure sign that you’ve got yourself a problem. Scurrying across your countertops or within your food pantry is easy for them. Their agility enables them to jump from shelf to shelf too. If any remnants of food are around, they consider it an invitation to feast. Think twice about leaving that spilled grease on your stove.

Nobody wants mice in their home, especially since they can contaminate easily and quickly, and they are slick when it comes to not being exposed.

They have good eye sight and excellent hearing. They also sense danger by picking up on changes in the air. It’s very difficult to sneak up of them. You probably wouldn’t want to. Should you come into the room for a snack, they would quickly disappear. Their exceptional sense of smell has actually been a help to humans. Some of them have been trained to detect odors for land mines. They have also been able to detect tuberculosis.

Focusing on what those rodents leave behind, which is saliva, urine, and feces. They spread bacteria and harmful diseases, as well as viruses, and parasites. Whenever you find droppings, extreme caution must be used in the clean-up. These resemble chocolate sprinkles. Sadly, you may never look upon those chocolate morsels in the same way again. They range from 3mm to 6mm. They are black with a granular shape. Many people mistake them for cockroach or rat droppings.

Anything that they have come into contact with must be thrown out. If you have a problem with mice, this is not the time to be frugal and keep open containers of food. As for those droppings you discovered, using both gloves and a face mask are necessary for protection from Hantavirus. This is contracted through inhaling particles of the contaminated feces, saliva, and urine.

The last two body fluids might be harder to see. Don’t sweep. Don’t vacuum. It needs to be carefully wiped up to not emit the particles into the air. Seal the materials for this job in closed, plastic bags. It is then followed by disinfecting. After a good personal cleaning of body and clothes, you might want to phone the professionals. They know how to read and exterminate these rodents!

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