As temperatures drop, we feel the need to get out warm blankets, turn on our thermostats, get cozy indoors, and enjoy the warmth.  This is true for various critters that don’t hibernate through that oncoming cold.  More specifically, house mice.  They love their fields and forests, but not in late fall and winter. Hi-Tech Pest Control in Troy, MI has been successfully eradicating pests such as mice in homes and businesses throughout Oakland County.

During the time from October to February, over twenty-one million of these unwanted guests come crawling into our homes to set up their housekeeping.

They are often attracted to the aroma of food cooking and also the warmth of a structure.  Mice are very adaptable, and only need a quarter inch opening to enter.  They will use chewed up pieces of wires, books, papers, and insulation to create their nests.  Actually, their new home will be made out of just about anything that the female can find.

These furry pests are omnivores.  They will eat their meat and vegetables.  A preferred meal would be seeds and nuts.  If food is scarce, they will eat just about anything they can find, even each other.  They seem to always be hungry, eating fifteen to twenty times a day.  They are very inquisitive as well.  You might find their tracks as they roam their new territory.  Their footprint has a four-toed front and a five-toed back.  If you ever find those, you’ve got unwanted houseguests! Call Hi-Tech Pest Control for help!

What goes in must come out!  Mouse droppings are brown and resemble those of roaches.  Those from mice do not have ridges on the sides and are tapered on the ends.  Now, these are left behind not just in their nests, but anywhere they have visited.  Also, their urine is constantly spread around through micro-droplets as they travel every single day.  This actually poses a potential health issue for humans because they spread diseases through both the droppings and urine.  Actually, mice carry as many as two-hundred human pathogens!  The best way to get rid of this danger is by calling upon the trained, licensed professionals! Let Hi-Tech Pest Control eradicate your mice infestation. Call us for a free inspection!

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