Fleas don’t like cold weather. They do like warm places and your home is nice and warm. Could some be inside just waiting to feast on your pets? Have any infested mice that have come and gone, but left unwanted guests and future problems? Pest control services are needed!

These pests are jumpers! They can go from host to host to get their blood meal. This is most likely your furry friend, but it could be you too! They are thin and flat and this enables them to move around very well within the fur of your pet.

Fleas have hair too, and this helps them to root onto their host.

They stay still while feasting, using their mouthparts to extract blood. This is not their jump time!

Fleas are about 2.5mm and reddish brown. They don’t have wings to travel, but those six legs sure help them to crawl and, as mentioned earlier, jump! A female can start laying her eggs, 4 to 8 at a time, just 48 hours after her first meal. These eggs are most likely placed right on your dog.

They aren’t sticky though, so they fall off wherever your pet roams. It could be on their bed, on or under your furniture, carpet, cracks, and grooves on your flooring. They’ll hatch in 1 to 12 days.


As larvae, they are about 3 to 5.2mm and without eyes or legs, they can move around to find food. It looks semi-transparent white. It’s usually the adult flea’s feces that they search for because it contains undigested blood. They like other organic things such as food particles, dead skin, dead insects, and even feathers.


In 4 to 18 days it will spin a silken cocoon and enter its pupal stage. This can last 3 days to a year. It all depends on environmental conditions. From here evolves the flea. And after feasting on you or your pet, it starts all over.

Their bites don’t have the same effect on all their hosts. For some, bite areas may become swollen and itchy. Some may have an allergic reaction to them. The scary thing is that they can transmit several different diseases.

Should you find your pet scratching repeatedly and grooming themselves excessively, look at them closely. Separating their fur will reveal some action. Keep an eye out in locations your pet travels for “flea dirt”, it’s adult feces and resembles coarse ground pepper. It’s certainly time for the professionals!

If you think you have been invaded by fleas, bedbugs or any other type of pest in your home or business, call Hi-Tech Pest Control. We have been successfully exterminating pests for over 30 years. Hi-Tech Pest Control is the only Michigan bed bug company to offer a 6-month warranty on all bed bug extermination services!   Call us today for a free inspection!

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