We are often reminded to be on the look-out for ticks whenever we enjoy the great outdoors. This is true for ourselves and our pets. Mammals are the host for these creatures. There seems to be an abundance of ticks this year with families discovering them after playing just in their backyards, let alone the woods.

Preventive measures include protection for both our skin and clothing. A topical repellant containing 20% or more DEET should be applied on exposed skin. Avoid the eyes, mouth, and on children this includes their hands. Couple this with a treatment for our clothes, shoes, bags, tents, etc. that contains permethrin. This still remains protective even after several washings. After an outdoor adventure, it’s best to shower soon after to wash off and find ticks. Follow this with a full body inspection including the belly button, hair, ears, etc. Also, placing items in a hot dryer will kill any unfound remaining ticks.

The biggest fear with ticks is Lyme disease.

How do you know if you and your loved ones are at risk? Well, should you find any ticks on bodies, they need to be removed and saved. Placing tweezers near the head and then gently pull it away. Store the tick either in a vial of rubbing alcohol or on a dampened paper towel contained in a zip-loc baggie. A doctor can help you out with proper identification of the type of tick and whether it is one that is a carrier of the disease.

You can also go to the MSU Diagnostic Services website to obtain a form to fill out and the address to send it off to. Be sure to wash the bite area with soap and water. Apply an antibiotic ointment. Finish it off with a bandage.

Also pay attention to how you feel following the bite. Should symptoms develop you would seek medical attention immediately! This could include any of the following: circular rash around the bite, fever, headache, fatigue, swollen glands, sensitivity to light.

Severe symptoms from this pest could involve chest pain, paralysis, or difficulty breathing. It is crucial that you seek medical attention with any of these symptoms. If this disease is left untreated, an infection could spread to joints, the heart or central nervous system.

Next time you head out for that country walk in the woods, go camping, or lately, even play in the backyard…beware! Ticks can sense their potential host from long distances, they really can! If you think or know you have a tick infestation in your home call Hi-Tech Pest Control Services. We are a professional pest control exterminator and we can eliminate ticks. Call us today for a Free inspection!

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