Unwanted creatures invading your home can be such a problem. Pests such as rats, spiders, cockroaches, mosquitos, and other insects can be a real menace. Additionally, some of these pests can carry diseases. Finding the right Troy pest control service is the ideal option to get rid of these pesky guests.

Importantly, pest control companies offer services to control insect and rodent problems. However, it’s not entirely up to them to ensure the future protection of your house. Informed house owners understand that doing their part can go a long way in keeping your home pest-free.

In many instances, a pest control technician will instruct you to take some measures before and after the treatment. Lucky enough, these things are not complicated and help keep your castle safe from invaders.

Troy Exterminator

Troy Exterminator

For instance, one preparation is food storage. After treatment, it’s important to practice proper ways of avoiding re-infestation. This means you will need to keep problem areas free of any debris. Its recommended you clean these areas with a strong cleaner regularly to discourage repeat visitors.

Things to Do Before Pest Control

To start proper treatment, you need to figure out what kind of pest you have. Knowing what kind of pests you are dealing with is a must. Now, here are some points of preparation for your pest control appointment.

Access – Troy Exterminator

Give your pest control specialist full access to your home. Insects and smaller pests might hide in places that are hard to reach. Your exterminator will want the pesticide to coat every corner where unwanted creatures tend to thrive. Therefore, removing appliances, furniture, or frames will help their work. Besides protecting your belongings from any chemicals, this helps the pesticide treatment happen with more ease. Your pest control professional will have easy access throughout your home to accelerate the process.

Clothing and Furniture

Items that come in contact with you or your family should be stored securely from the chemicals. Things such as clothing, make-up, toothbrushes, children’s’ toys should all be packed away, preferably in cabinets or drawers. Storing them in boxes or any carton or paper-based object is not ideal since they absorb the sprayed pesticides. Furniture covers and bed sheets should also be stored away. Instead of moving any sofas, chairs, or tables, throw a plastic wrapping on top. Plastic wrapping prevents chemicals from damaging your furniture and only costs a couple of dollars to purchase.

Food & Kitchen Safety Measures

Make sure your kitchen area and utilities are safe. It’s one of the most important things to assess before commencing with your pest treatment. Remember, these things have direct contact with your hands and mouth. Food must be stored away in plastic or glass containers. Anything that can’t be stored in containers, place them in your fridge.

Troy Exterminator Kitchen Pest

Troy Exterminator Kitchen Pest

It’s advised to clear countertops and cabinets since kitchen cabinets can attract many insects. All utensils, cutlery, plates, glasses, and cups should be stored away and washed later. Kitchen appliances should be fully removed from the kitchen. If this isn’t possible, store them in their boxes or cover them with plastic.

Vegetation – Troy Exterminator

If you happen to have decorative plants such as orchids, they should be left in the open. Storing or covering plants may cause them to wither away. Leaving your plants sprayed with chemicals will definitely kill any pests, but it may also kill your plant.

Things to Do After Pest Control

When a professional is done with your pest treatment, there are steps to be followed. Let’s take a look at what needs to be done after pest control to maximize your efforts.

Have Patience

Sometimes the gravity of infestation is more severe than thought. In these scenarios, your pest control specialist might recommend that you conduct fumigation. Fumigation is you’re your home is encased in a tent that is filled with pesticides. Fumigation can require that you evacuate your home for a couple of days. Your pest control specialist will entrust you with a time that’s approximately when it is best to head back home. Wait until the correct time before going back home.

Troy Bed Bug Infestation

Troy Bed Bug Infestation

Don’t Clean Immediately

It’s advised to not deep clean for at least a week. Pest control professionals know exactly where and how many chemicals they have to apply. Generally, they will not leave a mess or overspills. Consequently, it’s unwise to clean areas where pesticides have been applied because it would reduce the effectiveness of the treatment and you could expose yourself to those chemicals. You will be told by your exterminator when it is okay to clean again and which areas should not be washed.

Reduce Re-infestation – Troy Exterminator

Once having a pest control appointment, it’s best to keep the infestation from happening again. Keep your area neat and clean from clutter to reduce re-infestation. After a pest treatment, prevention methods are the go-to plan. If the measures are correctly followed, the chance of re-infestation decreases. Examine the surroundings of your home for leaks, cracks, or possible places where pests can grow again.

Another method to reduce infestation is to maintain current inspections. Following the days of having pest control in your house, dead insects will pop up on and off. Dead insects attracted other pests. Ironically, this can make re-infestation more likely. Be sure to remove dead pests as soon as they are found.