Nothing makes a homeowner cringe more than discovering a cockroach infestation. These troubling pests can become a major issue when not dealt with immediately. Unfortunately, Troy cockroaches are incredibly resilient and they multiply fast. In just a few weeks, you can discover your little roach problem has grown into a full-blown infestation.

Nobody likes sharing their home with unwanted guests. Aside from being gross, cockroaches can bring a host of other issues. These little critters can wreak havoc in your kitchen or bathroom. They will devour any food or particles they find. Unfortunately, if you own a pet, such as a dog or a cat, these pests are sure to find a healthy supply of scraps around your home.

The good news is that nobody has to live with cockroaches in their home. A little research and you will find that, while it’s not easy, it’s definitely possible to boot these non-rent paying tenets back into the wild and restore the sanctity of your home. Here are some tips from your local Troy exterminators to help you stop and prevent Troy cockroach infestations in their tiny tracks.

Most Common Cockroaches in the US – Troy Exterminators

Any good pest control strategy begins with identification. You need to know what types of roaches are in your home before you can determine the best plan of attack. Incredibly, there are around 4,500 species of cockroaches in the world. Luckily, only 30 species in total plague humanity. The rest are outdoor dwellers that stick to their own residences.

Here in Troy, Massachusetts there are three main types of cockroaches found. Understanding how to identify between these three species is paramount. Here are some tips to help you on your journey:

Oriental Cockroach

The Oriental cockroach is one of the most popular types of roaches found in Troy. These roaches reach an average length of around 1″. They can be identified by their shiny dark brown exoskeleton and their choice of residence. Specifically, Oriental Cockroaches thrive in damp wet environments. In the wild, these roaches hang out around sewers or mulch piles. Once they enter your home, they will congregate in your bathroom, basements, or other damp nooks.

Oriental_Cockroach - Troy Exterminators

Oriental Cockroach – Troy Exterminators

German Cockroaches

German cockroaches are easier to identify because they are much smaller than their Oriental cousins. On average, German roaches are only about half-inch long. These pests vary in their coloring. Tan is the most common species in Troy but they come in brown and black variations as well. Additionally, these roaches have two stripes running down their body. German cockroaches invade homes during the winter months because they are unable to survive in the cold.

German Cockroach - Troy Exterminator

German Cockroach – Troy Exterminator

American Cockroaches

Not to be outdone, the American Cockroach is the largest species found in Troy. These mini-tanks can reach 3″ when left to their own devices. These large pests have a reddish-brown frame with a yellowish section behind the head. Unfortunately, American cockroaches can be the most difficult to exterminate. Their insane speed and ability to squeeze through tight spaces make them a real pain to exterminate.

American Cockroach - Troy Exterminator

American Cockroach – Troy Exterminator

What Attracts Cockroaches to Your Home? – Troy Exterminators

If you have roaches, you need to determine why they came to your home in the first place. In some instances, you may learn that the entire neighborhood has a roach infestation. When this is the case, it’s in your best interests to make your home the least hospitable on the block.

Your pests didn’t come to your home in search of good conversation, there is definitely a food source driving their migration. Items such as dirty dishes in the sink, or crumbs on your countertop, are like an open invitation to roaches. Even in the cleanest homes, if you own a pet, it’s going to be difficult to starve the roaches. Especially since they are known to munch on pet food left out.

How Roaches Enter Your Home – Troy Exterminators

The next step in your quest to evict these critters is to determine how they entered your home in the first place. Inspect around all of your windows and doors for potential entrances. You will need to take a look around your pipes as well. You may find a small crevice next to a pipe that’s just big enough to let roaches come and go as they please. Even if your home is sealed like a submarine, there’s always a chance a roach hitches a ride on you, your pets, or some item you bring into your home.

1. Thoroughly Clean Your Home

The best way to make your home roach proof is to keep it spotless. Roaches are smart creatures and they will consider how hard they need to search to find food before they make a permanent camp. A roach will keep moving if there’s nothing to eat at their location. To accomplish this task, you should keep your kitchen clean and free of dirty dishes, food particles, or other possible meals for unwanted pests.

Also, it’s recommended that you always take your garbage out before you go to bed. Garbage cans are a buffet for pests. Be sure to clean all the crumbs off your countertops before you take everything out. Once everything’s clear, wipe it all down and mop your floor. The floor holds a surprising amount of food for these critters.

2. Store-Bought Traps

Your local grocery or hardware store will carry some form of roach traps. These units trick roaches into thinking there is a tasty treat inside. However, once they enter the “hotel” they quickly learn it was all a clever ruse. A sticky glue-like substance entraps them. These traps are effective on small infestations. Additionally, they are affordable and don’t require a professional.

Troy Roach Extermination Tips

Troy Roach Extermination Tips

3. Store-Bought Baits

Baits are like traps in that they use roaches’ sense of smell against them. The main difference is a bait doesn’t stick the roach in glue. Instead, roaches are allowed to eat up and take some food to go. Later, your pests realize their last meal was actually pesticide. This strategy works great because the roaches die in their nest and become dinner for their friends. In the end, everyone gets a free last meal.

4. Liquid Concentrates

Liquid concentrates are another effective roach killer. These chemicals are meant to be diluted with water and then sprayed onto areas of concern. This solution works great because you can get heavy coverage in tight spots. It’s common for people to mop their floor using these chemicals. You can also wipe down your counter and make your kitchen the ultimate roach death trap.

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Hi-Tech pest control can eliminate your roach problem. We utilize a combination of techniques to ensure that all of these pests die or flee never to return. Contact us today to receive a free estimate and stop living with pests once and for all.