There are so many bugs in our world, it can be hard to tell them apart. When you find yourself suspecting any of these unwanted guests in your home, knowing exactly what they are is important. Knowing what type of bugs you’re dealing with, you can then strive to acquire help to treat your living space effectively and get rid of them! Hi-Tech Pest Control has been eradicating all kinds of pests in homes and businesses for over 30 years. We are happy to help you identify and treat whatever pest problem you have with success.

It is easy to misidentify certain pests, with good reason.

Let’s focus on bed bugs. Some bugs seem like their twin, for instance, poultry bugs. They live on poultry farms and are parasites of birds and domestic fowl. At times, owners of chicken coops have thought they had a problem with bed bugs. Finding numerous bugs trailing down the heads and necks of their chickens can be a frightening discovery. They are more likely to be spiders or mites and not bed bugs. Knowledge is power!

Another bug that looks a lot like bed bugs is the bat bug. They certainly share the love of feasting on blood. The difference is the bat bugs prefer just that, bats and not humans. They also reside in abandoned nests of bats, birds, and small mammals, not places where humans dwell.

Bed bugs also resemble swallow bugs, but when you look very closely, they have some long, silky hairs. They can feed on humans, but that’s not their preferred food source.

These pests live in the nests of swallows. Now when they create their nests outside of places where humans dwell, they can creep indoors. Upon discovering them, one might think they have an infestation of bed bugs. This is a solid example of the need to know exactly what you’re dealing with in order to apply the correct treatment, otherwise, it wouldn’t solve the problem and you’d still have those bugs. The first thing to do here is to remove the swallows’ nests. This prevents them from returning. Exterior structures can then be treated.

No matter the bug problem, professionals are a good plan of action. Hi-Tech Pest Control Service can analyze the environment and devise the appropriate plan of action to solve your problem. We are the only Michigan bed bug company that offers a 6-month warranty on bed bug extermination services. We have been helping clients sleep comfortably for over 30 years. If you are experiencing a pest problem of any kind in your home or business, call us today for a free evaluation!

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