Winter is approaching and we all naturally veer towards the indoors. Spending more time indoors we may find some unwanted visitors. Visitors such as rodents, bugs and insects. They are seeking refuge and can make us a little uncomfortable.

Hi-Tech Pest Control Services has a few tips on how to prevent winter time pests from invading your home.

Just like you, pests like a warm, cozy place during those cold, snowy months. This involves rodents, stink bugs, bed bugs, ants, spiders, and cockroaches. Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. Actually, give them just a crack and in they may come.

Look around your yard. Any living thing that is close to your home becomes a ladder for them to climb and try to enter your home. Trim things up a bit to give a good three feet between your home and any vegetation. Look out for any puddles in your yard. Before too long it can become stagnant water and a breeding ground. Most people love the smell of wood burning whether it’s outside or in a fireplace within your home. Just be certain that your wood pile isn’t next to your home or else you’re really inviting trouble!

After or during your yard clean-up efforts, keep a close eye on your home. Seal up any cracks around doors and windows. Don’t forget about basement and attic windows too. Replace old weather stripping. Also, begin to think differently about your utility lines and piping. Some pests like to crawl right up those and then enter your home through small gaps. Spiders and cockroaches will climb through plumbing vents and your chimneys. They certainly aren’t afraid of heights!

Rethink clutter as hiding places for those seeking refuge in your home. Now there’s a motivation to clean! Whether it’s clothes, food, boxes, or plain old junk. They offer so many possibilities to seek and hide. So it’s wise to de-clutter.

Don’t forget about your garage and mud room. If you have any damp places, they may just find their favorite spot! Keep an eye on leaky pipes and get them fixed. The garbage can head outdoors before it even has a chance to strike up a smell. Keep trash stored in plastic bags too. Strive to prevent clutter from happening. Pick up a little here and there each day and you’ll be surprised how this can help things stay tidy. Things not only look neat, you are taking away an opportunity for a pest to seek refuge.

We all need a break form the outdoors during the winter so it’s important prepare your home from unwanted visitors. If you think your home or business has been invaded by pests, bugs or rodents call a professional exterminator immediately.

Hi-Tech Pest Control Services has been eradicating bedbugs and all types of pests for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on doing the jobs those other guys can’t do. Whether it stings, crawls, flies, bites, or destroys, our professional exterminators can solve it. Call Hi-Tech Pest Control today for a Free Inspection!

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