Just when spring is in the air, it feels like winter again. It’s hard to be patient especially if you have spring fever. We might be anxious to get out in the garden and nurture things to grow, bloom and perhaps yield some edibles. Indoor plants can help us over that weather hurdle for a bit.

Thinking of spring … plants … growing seasons and gardening, we have pests. There are beneficial ones though. Those that aren’t … are a real nuisance!

Aphids can cause havoc on all things green. They suck the life out of plants, well actually, they suck the sap, and in time, they kill!

These don’t have to be outside to feel their wrath! Aphids can find themselves indoors in a number of ways.

You might unknowingly purchase an infested plant. You may have brought a plant indoors. Soon, they could hitch a ride on our clothes. They can even crawl or fly in through open windows, or tears in screens.

Ants could also be the reason for them. You see, they have their own agenda to that. They love to eat the residue, called honeydew on the plants that are exuded by the aphids. Also, should a houseplant become over crowed with aphids, they will migrate by crawling or flying to another plant.

Most of these aphids don’t prefer to lay their eggs indoors. That doesn’t mean that they won’t. The females don’t have to mate in order to lay eggs. There can be 3 to 6 eggs a day for weeks. The young ones begin feeding right after birth.

The nymphs are super small and might bunch together on leaves or at the base of a plant days before they become an adult. Remember those adult females …. eggs, eggs, eggs! It can become a real problem! What to do?

You can hose the plants off outside. Don’t expect to get them all. There are a variety of applications that can be used to kill them. Whatever you use, always test it on one leaf first.

Also, quarantine the plant and clean the area it was in thoroughly. Inspect any nearby plants. Prune and dispose of any tips or leaves that had been infested. Treat them! There are plant derived sprays that are nontoxic. You can also try a mixture of one cup vinegar and one gallon of water. It will also require time and patience. For more prevention tips read this interesting article from The Old Farmer’s Almanac

Aphids multiply quickly, so try to control them before reproduction starts. Many generations can occur in one season. The good news is that they tend to move rather slowly, and aphid control is relatively easy.

Chances are that other pests are around if you have an aphid infestation. A professional pest control service can also help by applying a treatment.

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