It might not feel like it, but we are approaching spring. The red winged blackbirds have returned. They’re feasting and singing their beautiful song. The goldfinches with their subtle sound are nibbling away at feeders filled with thistle. They haven’t turned their beautiful yellow color yet, but seeing these feathered friends are encouraging.

Along with the return of beautiful birds, there will soon be the return of the less desirables, the unwanted insects, the ones that are a nuisance! Professional pest control services can always help and exterminate your pest problem.

Boxelder bugs don’t regularly invade our homes, but that’s not to say they haven’t from time to time and there is a whole world of pests that do!

They do like it warm and they do take up housing within structures during the winter, and they tend to get overcrowded.

It is during March and April that they begin to leave whatever protective structure they’ve chosen and head back out to nature, back to their spring and summer hosts. These are maple, ash, and seed-bearing box-elder trees. If its unseasonably warm during the winter they are sure to show up!

Oh, how they love the sunny side of things! As mother nature continues to warm up, these bugs gather on the south side of places, such as rocks, trees, and buildings which could be our homes, especially near eaves. They are not known to bite, but they do have piercing-sucking mouth-parts that can puncture the skin.

If you crush them, or even handle them roughly, they leave a reddish-orange fecal stain on your hands and clothing. This has been problematic within homes along windows, on walls, curtains, etc. They are also known to not smell all that wonderful either. Should you ever see any in your home, remember not to crush them!

Don’t try to kill any within walls either. The dead insect bodies will actually attract dermestid beetles, also known as skin beetles. Using a vacuum would be a better idea for some temporary relief. This bag should be thrown out immediately to prevent any live ones from escaping.

Before calling a professional pest control service, you can take some action over the next few months to prevent these unwanted guests. Home prevention can save a lot of headaches. It is harder to control them once they are in full swing.

Begin by fixing any holes in window and door screens. Seal cracks and crevices with a quality silicone, or a latex caulk. Install indoor sweeps to exterior doors. Be thorough on the south and west sides of your home. Be sure to inspect foundation and attic vents. Installing turbine vents on your roof can also be helpful.

Preventative measures won’t be restricted to just the box-elder bug. You’ll be helping your home from many types of pesky invasions. Should you ever suspect an invasion from the insect world, call expert pest exterminators for an accurate inspection, as well as treatment.

Hi-Tech Pest Control Services has been eradicating bedbugs and all types of pests for over 30 years. Whether it stings, crawls, flies, bites, or destroys, our professional exterminators can solve it – including cockroaches, yellow jackets, mice, carpenter ants, wasps, and other stinging insects!

At Hi-Tech Pest Control, we pride ourselves on doing the jobs those other guys can’t do. Call a knowledgeable and experienced pest control exterminator today at 248-569-8001 to schedule your FREE INSPECTION!

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