They look so much like bees. Not that you would wish for a close inspection, but if you were you would see pointed abdomens and a narrow area leading up to their thorax. They all build nests that look papery because they chew wood fibers into a pulp to build. Coming in a variety of colors, the more colorful tend to the ones that sting.

We don’t really consider good things about wasps, other than they sting and it’s a pest we do not want in or around our home.

Many of us have memories of encountering a nest, being chased, being stung, being in pain! What could possibly be good about them? There are two categories of them: social and solitary. The latter are helpful to nature.

Solitary wasps are helpful for the ecosystem. They prey upon so many pests and help to control a number of populations. In fact, in the agriculture industry, they are deployed to protect crops from others. They rely on the venom of their stingers to hunt. Should you come into contact with their nest, use caution. Professionals can relocate them.

The social ones are probably the ones from our nightmares. They include the yellow jackets and hornets. The season begins with one and ends with around 5,000! Each spring, a queen fertilized from the previous year survived the winter by hibernating in a warmer spot. She emerges, builds a small nest and rears her starter brood. They are worker females.


Wasps are diligent workers. The nest evolves with six-sided cells and the queen continues laying her eggs throughout the expanded home. By the end of summer all 5,000 of them and their queen die. Only the newly fertilized queens survive and then it starts all over.

Now their stingers are for defense. Wasps don’t like being disturbed. Remember they’re social and where there’s one there’s a ton! If you disturb just one, the others know right away and look out! The one you had the misfortune of coming into contact with emits a pheromone, a chemical and this has all of them headed your way. When a wasp is unhappy, it can sting and sting and sting repeatedly. The females are the defenders because they are the ones with the stingers. In the wasp world, girls rule!

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