The weather is finally getting to where we can go outside and enjoy it! That includes preparing and enjoying meals outdoors. Nothing ruins a get together or a picnic more than a rush of bees onto our food and drinks.

Bees do so much for the environment, but they are not welcomed at the table!

There some things that you can do to guide bees to other locations and hopefully leave yours alone. Fill an open container with flat soda, fruit juice, maple syrup, or sugar water and place it in an area a nice distance from your eating space.

Do this about twenty minutes prior to exposing your appetizing fragrances. Bees are talkers, to each other that is, and they will spread the word about a new meeting place. You can also include some banana peels to that area to keep them busy.

They don’t like smoke, so lighting some candles, or having a campfire is nice way to keep them from your space. They also do not care for certain smells.

Marigolds bring a pop of color to your table and general picnic/patio area. These flowers naturally repel bees as well as other insects. They are not fond of mint either. The leaves can be scattered around the area to keep them at bay. It can help to block the smells of your meal.

Many people have found that placing dryer sheets with fabric softener all around your area can be very effective. Even rub it on your skin, place it under the tablecloth and put them in any pockets.

It is a good idea to consider what you will wear. Bees pretty much ignore whites and pastels.

Bright colors and patterns can bring attention to yourselves. This is true for your table setting too. Dark, contrasting patterns, or colors can get them upset. Black and red actually remind them of their predators and may stir them up with some aggression to be taken out on you. Textured clothing can be regarded as animals, which often raid their nests and leave them angry.

This goes for flowing hair too. A hat certainly can’t hurt! You certainly don’t want the bees to regard you as animals! That can really stir things up!

Enjoy your family, guests, and meal without the “company” of bees by using these helpful tips. If you however, suspect an infestation, call a professional pest exterminator before the problem gets out of control.

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