Michigan has 113 species of ants! Some of them colonize on property and are destructive. The three focused on here are Allegheny, Odorous House, and Carpenter. You may discover some on your yard, maybe some in your home. It’s good to know what type of ant you are dealing with.

A colony of ants in your home or business is never wanted so a pest control service can help.

Walking around your yard you may see dead patches of grass. Look closely. It could be something else altogether. That’s what appears for the allegheny ants. Should this patch begin to mound, rising up from the grass then you have discovered their colony after years of work! From here it will extend four feet above ground and three feet below. Plants, grasses and trees within fifty-foot circle of their nests are in danger. They bite and deposit deadly formic acid. The residents include many queens and about 200,000 workers. They don’t sting, but with such strong mandibles they can give you a painful bite! Their positive contribution to the world is that they eat lots of bugs.

Odorous ants get their name because they smell when crushed. It resembles a rotten coconut or blue cheese dressing. This is the most common ant in Michigan and all of North America. They are attracted to sweet, sugary foods and you just may find some on your counter tops or on your table.

Don’t be surprised if they show up in your food pantry and destroy your edibles. You won’t be happy with what they can do to your garden plants either. They can create colonies in your home, hiding within moist flooring, hollow walls, or any termite ravished wood. You will most likely find nests under rocks or wooden planks. This group is smaller with around a population of 1,000.

Carpenter ants are the giants of the ant population and are one of our most common ones. They like to nest in stumps and hollow tree trunks. They are quite the builders, or excavators! Their home develops with tunnels, nesting galleries, and satellite colonies full of workers. It’s possible for them to find their way into your home if you have rotting wood. If you see one roaming in your home in the summer, it probably got lost on its journey. If you see one in the winter, you’ve probably got a colony within your own structure. They can really wreak havoc on foundations and weaken wooden structures.

Quite the trio! Inside or out, ants are certainly unwanted pests so once you have identified a problem calling a professional exterminator is next. Hi-Tech Pest Control Services has been eradicating bedbugs and all types of pests for over 30 years!

At Hi-Tech Pest Control, we pride ourselves on doing the jobs those other guys can’t do. Whether it stings, crawls, flies, bites, or destroys, our professional exterminators can solve it – including cockroaches, yellow jackets, mice, carpenter ants, wasps, and other stinging insects! Call today for a Free inspection!

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