Bed Bug populations are difficult to determine but our trained experienced professionals are close to 100% accuracy from bites and sightings. That’s why it is important to know what is needed in each Bed Bug job, technicians will have to determine what they have to use and what they have to do in each job.

Good Sanitation

Don’t be fooled! You have to be very thorough and precise in order to completely eradicate this elusive pest. Bed Bugs can get from one location in homes and businesses almost overnight. They are usually moved from room to room by humans. So you can easily assume that your problem is solved if you remove furniture or start using general use products and insecticides in order to eradicate or stop the feeding and this usually never happens. Once they find their way back to the new furniture that you are sitting or sleeping on the feeding, maturation, and reproduction will begin all over again and to your surprise you once again have an unhealthy population of Bed Bugs in your home or business. Call HI-TECH PEST CONTROL today and live pest free tomorrow!

Poor Sanitation

Poor Sanitation will create complications, like unwashed bed clothes, unwashed clothing, clutter, and the absence of vacuuming will contribute to Bed Bugs populating secondary, and tertiary areas in the home or business. This will require additional methods of application. HI-TECH PEST CONTROL has a plan for all Bed Bug jobs ( Big or Small) and we love accepting jobs abandoned by others.

Furniture Type

our furniture may have more harborages and places for Bed Bugs too hide, nymphs may even burrow underneath the cloth on Couches, Recliners, and Beds. You will need experienced professionals to salvage all your furniture. Be assured that we will save and clean all your furniture. We take pride in saving our pest control customers thousands of dollars and will create a pest free environment at the same time.

Number Of Occupants In The Home

Bed Bugs will mature much faster in a home or business were there are a lot of humans to feed on. Sharing furniture and too much movement will allow to reproduce much faster. Good sanitation will slow them down but the goal is complete eradication.