When looking into a bed bug treatment cost, you want more than just a solution to the problem. At Hi-Tech Pest Control, we provide our customers with a resolution and more, and we treat them as if they were family.Not only are bed bugs nasty and cause quite a fright when you see them, but they also cause several health problems for you and your family. When we visit your home, we make sure to check every corner, nook, and cranny where these bugs like to hide. Once we finish our inspection, we will begin the extermination process. This process involves using a combination of high-heat treatments, encasements, and human safe and EPA approved chemicals.

With our bed bug treatment cost, we include a six-month warranty. your insurance for a pest free environment and bed bugs don’t come back, you pay no additional expenses and we will kill them all.This is why customers choose us to help with all of their pest problems. And when our customers are happy with our services, they refer us to their friends. It’s those references that help keep Hi-Tech going.

For more information on bed bug treatment cost near Livonia, visit our website or give us a call at 1(248)569-8001. We will answer any questions you may have. Trust the experts at Hi-Tech Pest Control.

bed bug treatment cost