Usually when we think of pests, we think of much warmer weather. Just because it’s frigid outside doesn’t mean that annoying living creatures aren’t wreaking havoc in our homes. If they feel protected and have an ample food source, they may breed, populate right within your home.

There are a variety of pests that strive to overwinter in your home.

Three examples are rodents, earwigs, and millipedes. They may even prefer the great outdoors, but when conditions change and affect their life style, they adapt with it. They seek out environments for survival and that often times means your home is where they dwell.

Rodents are often on the look-out for entryways into your home. It offers them so much! There is privacy, warmth, and endless sources of food. They may find refuge behind your walls. Your basement also provides a nice place to live, but just as importantly, to hide.

What would an earwig be wanting to eat within my home?

On a warm spring day, have you ever found yourself opening up a door to bring in a breeze only to quickly close it upon the sight of scurrying bugs? Earwigs tend to be in larger numbers. They produce a special scent trail which enables their friends and family to easily find them and join them. When you open that door, a mass of them quickly move in all directions.
These earwigs often ruin numerous types of vegetation during warmer days outdoors. They also enjoy any decaying organic matter, such as leaf piles and mulch. On occasion insects will be consumed. In your home, they love greasy foods left on stoves and counters. Another favorite would be most types of paper, books, and especially newspapers. If something has a high cellulose content, it will be a favorite food.

How in the world do they enter my home?

If a pest wants the protection your home offers, they will work hard to find a way to enter. A rodent can squeeze through small spaces. Earwigs are only a little over an inch in size and would take much of an opening to come on in. Basically, any crack or crevice is like an open door to them. The rodents like to hide and the earwigs are nocturnal when it comes to their meal consumption. One thing that really draws them to your home is your porch or patio light. We usually leave our lights on as a welcome sign. We don’t tend to consider the impact it has on those other living creatures!

Related Question

What other pest might I be unaware of as an unwanted house guest?

Millipedes are a distinct possibility as occupants in your home. They do seek an indoor environment during the winter. They prefer to stay out of sight and love moist places such as your bathroom, under kitchen cabinets, or anywhere that’s been moistened due to any leakage. Within your home, they can easily find food everywhere. They love to live off of fruits and vegetables. They don’t mind canned dog or cat food. Often times, there’s plenty for them after the family pet has had their dinner. They love any type of moist paper. If any boxes of old papers or books have become wet, well a feast would await them!

They certainly are a nuisance. Should any of these pests reside within your home, the problem would only grow and grow. As they populate within your home, an infestation could be developing without your knowledge until you really need to call in the professionals.


Pests never seem to have a problem invading so make sure to be on top of the game. Keep your home pest free this winter and throughout the year by taking preventative measures by inspecting your home, clearing out clutter and sealing any openings around doors, windows and the perimeter of your home. If you think you may have an infestation of any kind, calling a pest control service is a must.

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