As the temperatures decline, rats, just like mice are attracted to warmer structures, which could be your home! They have quite a lot in common with mice when it comes to destruction and contamination. In fact, they contaminate more than they could ever consume.

How dangerous can a rat be in your home?

Rats can be extremely dangerous for various reasons and it’s wise to call a professional exterminator fast. They transmit diseases and pathogens. Rats can chew through just about anything, including metal and plastic pipes. They can destroy structures and fixtures. When it comes to rats, this includes your air ducts too. Inspecting and preparing your home to help prevent any of these unwanted guests.

What attracts rats? In addition to preferring some warmth, they are attracted to smells. Store food properly in closed containers, keep trash in its place, and clean up those cooking and eating spills that occur anywhere! The Norway Rat, also referred to as the sewer rat, can be prevalent in suburban and urban areas. They love to burrow around foundations, under wood piles and any debris. They are good climbers and great swimmers, so it is quite fitting that they are referred to as sewer rats because they are certainly found in them swimming, traveling to various locations.

Rats multiply fast Rats are prolific breeders and can mate just eighteen hours after birth. There are generally seven litters a year with an average of eight pups each time. That’s a lot of rats in a very short period of time! These rodents can bulk up to sixteen inches long (from blunt snout to the tip of their hairless tail) and can weigh as much as eighteen ounces. Think about it, that’s over a pound!

What do rats eat? They are omnivores and enjoy those fruits and vegetable. They prefer meat and meat related wastes. Their diet includes fish, poultry, mice, birds, small reptiles and amphibians and of course anything they might find in your home.

When are rats active? They are nocturnal, so they are most active at dusk and night, unless they are over populated. They love to make their nests by shredding paper, out of your insulation or furniture stuffing. When inside your home looking for food, they travel like mice do, grazing along the wall. Only with rats, they may leave rub marks that looks like dirt and grease. They aren’t limiting themselves with the floor though. Anything is fair game! When it comes to getting rid of this nuisance, call the qualified professionals!

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