Did you know that yellow jackets are carnivores? They often feast on garden pests. This is helpful. It’s about the only thing about them that’s good. Now, if this source of food is reduced, then they turn up around garbage cans and bother us on our picnics. If they develop a large nest in your area, then they can pose a real hazard. Hi-Tech Pest Control located in Troy, MI can help eliminate the problem!


These fliers are North American predatory social wasps and are often mistaken for other types of bees, especially when in flight.


Their name reflects their look. They have alternating bands of black and yellow. Well, that is the ground dwellers do. Aerial nesting ones have white markings. Workers are the ones seen flying around and they are half an inch in length. Queens are three-quarters of an inch and are pretty busy within their home nest. Their flight pattern is quite interesting, moving rapidly from side to side just before landing.

The scary thing about these pests is how aggressive they can be when disturbed or defending their nest. If you get stung by one, it may leave behind a chemical that marks you as an enemy, which can incite others to attack.

They live in colonies of thousands and are easily provoked, often attacking in a mass with great force. The chase can be great distances, even hundreds of yards. Just mowing the lawn, or using the hedge trimmer can trigger an attack even from a distance.

Yellow jackets are generally yellow and white on their faces. They have lance-like stingers with small barbs on them and can sting repeatedly. As with some bees, they sacrifice their life when defending their home and die after a sting. This isn’t the case here. They just keep on thriving.

Their nests are often in the ground, from burrows of small animals, soil cavities, tree stumps, trees, shrubs, and even man-made structures. It is possible for them to nest in your ceilings or walls. Remember, they can be helpful to nature by eating other insects. If their nest is close to home, at your home, or under common walkways, they become a danger. By the end of summer, there are often over 5,000 workers, which are infertile females, all capable of stinging. Calling in the professionals is highly recommended to eliminate this danger. Hi-Tech Pest Control has been eliminating pests such as yellow jackets in Southeast Michigan for over 30 years. Call us today for residential or commercial needs!

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