Did you know that yellow jackets are actually wasps?  These North American predatory fliers are aggressive and assertive.   It’s not always easy to discover them and then just walk away.  Sometimes you have to run and run and RUN!  If you do get stung by only one, still rush away.  It may have left behind a chemical marking you as the enemy and others may come in your pursuit!!!


 Any noisy yard equipment can agitate them and then the chase is on for hundreds of yards!


Such sensitive beasts! Their nests can be in a variety of places, but the ground is a common location.  Here, it’s easy to provoke them by just walking by.  It’s a wicked discovery to be adding some plants to your garden and find yourself interrupting these residents on your land!!!!  They pose a danger to you, children and pets.  If they are short on food, you’ll also find them swarming around your garbage can. To avoid any confrontation with these dangerous pests, call Hi-Tech Pest Control. We are located in Troy, MI and have been treating and exterminating pests throughout Oakland County for over 30 years!


Did you know that they have jaws?  They have a strong mandible and this helps with capturing and chewing other insects.  This is their contribution to society!  Unfortunately, they don’t remain content and go berserk with any disturbance!


When you get stung by a bee, it is because it’s defending its home.  It is their ultimate sacrifice in doing so because it dies right afterward.


Yellow jackets persist not only after a sting, but also during it.  They can sting you repeatedly!  Their stinger has a barb-like section and this can get lodged in you, coming free from that wasp, but it lives on.  They do have a venom that is released with their bites.  Your reaction may depend on how sensitive your system is to this.  Basically, it involves an allergic reaction from simple to severe.


Now the queen will chill throughout the winter and then seek out new home locations the following spring.  If temperatures are mild though, and activity isn’t halted with winter, their nest can become massive and house multiple queens.  Some nests have become the size of a basketball by the end of summer.  Just a usual overwintering and living, she can contribute possibly 25,000 individuals from spring to fall.  Watch out! Keep your business or residence free of pests such as these by calling Hi-Tech Pest Control today. We are here to help!

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