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Waking up itchy and covered in clusters of angry red bumps, or are you finding small reddish-brown spots on your sheets? It’s time to call the experts — because you might have bed bugs in your home!

When you call us to get rid of your bed bug problem, we take the time to determine how they got into your home. Whether it was from a recent trip or they migrated from the apartment next door, these sneaky bugs can remain undetected until the infestation has grown significantly larger.

Using a combination of high-heat treatments, encasements and human-safe chemicals, we get rid of your infestation and offer a 6-month warranty on this service. When Hi-Tech Pest Control comes to handle your bed bug infestation, you know we’ll find the cracks and crevices where the bed bugs hide and get them out of your home.

Lifecycle of a Bed Bug

A bed bug’s maturation is incredibly fast, laying 5 to 7 eggs per day. After 21 days, they reach a maturity stage, called nymph, and can begin feeding on humans. Five weeks later, they reach full adult stage and can begin to reproduce.

Despite their lack of eyes and wings, bed bugs can scurry quickly and tend to hide. They prefer dark spaces or grooves, such as mattress seams, where they can multiply undisturbed over a short time. Similar to mosquitoes, these pests use your body heat and carbon, from your exhale, to find a host to feed on.

They typically try to stay within five feet or so of their feeding area, be it a bed, soft chairs or your child’s stuffed animals. When picked up from hotel rooms, bed bugs can be in any stage, and if left undetected, allowed to multiply until you notice their traces. These pests can live up to a year under the right conditions. However, most live approximately 6 months.

How to Tell If You Have an Infestation

As small as they are, bed bugs wreak havoc.  When bed bugs bite, they cause clusters of small red welts that can swell, due to an allergic reaction from their saliva. They commonly bite on the legs, face and neck, which are easy to access.

Some may notice the tell-tale bites first or see pepper-like flakes on their mattress. It’s much easier to spot their sheddings and feces than it is to find a live, adult bed bug. Professional exterminators can also use the distinct smell they give off to help find an infestation.

The most common signs of an infestation are:

  • Red, raised welts
  • A localized rash, or bites in a line
  • Small particles of fecal matter on bedding or mattresses
  • Droplets of blood on bedding, pajamas or skin
  • Exoskeletons, sheddings or other flaky bug particles

When you spot the initial symptoms of these sneaky pests, call Hi-Tech Pest Control so we can formulate your extermination plan.

Bed Bug Company in Michigan

Call the professionals in early. When dealing with bed bugs, the earlier you take care of the infestation, the easier it is to trace and completely eliminate. So if you have an inkling or are certain you have a bed bug problem, give us a call. We can:

  • Determine if you have a problem
  • Figure out how widespread it is
  • Create a plan for extermination
  • Take steps for prevention

Having a professional bed bug exterminator come and inspect the infested areas allows you the peace of mind in ensuring the problem will be handled. When we come into a home or business for a bed bug problem, we use a multi-pronged approach to remove the current issue and prevent bed bugs in the future.

Hi-Tech professionals also know that removing the infested furniture or bedding is not going to completely eradicate the issue. Our teams can get your home or business back from these pesky biters, quickly and discreetly with minimal interruption.

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